Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 148: Come on, Jason

The pain in her heart spread, but it was not enough to show it to outsiders. Even though her heart was dripping with blood, 

Nicole was still calm.


She thought, she was really different from the previous Nicole.


With a wry smile, Nicole looked at the dean again.


Hearing Jacob's words, the dean naturally didn't entangle anymore. He looked at these people and said in a low voice, “At the 

beginning of the period, we also thought that


Master Joseph had a gastrointestinal cold. We treated it according to the gastrointestinal cold, but obviously, it had no effect. 

We extracted Joseph's blood for analysis and


found that Joseph's body contained something that was enough to make Joseph weak and develop a high fever similar to a cold.”


“What is it?”


Nicole's hands were tightly held together.


She was just a little skeptical, but she didn’t expect it to be true.


This feeling is simply terrifying.


Nicole shuddered at the thought that such a thing could happen under the protection of Macon.


Everyone's faces are not very good-looking.


The dean looked at them and said painfully, “It’s lead.”


“What is it?”


Nicole immediately grasped Lucas.


The dean whispered, “It's lead. It’s a harmful substance and it’s impossible to suddenly enter the body and cause harm to the 

child. So it is bound to be produced in the body over time. As long as there is a little traction, it will It has caused many complications. I looked at the blood composition of Joseph. This lead deposit has been at least two years.”


Nicole’s heart hurt suddenly.


A child who was just over four years old had been poisoned for two years. Everyone felt nothing. This is terrible!


“Is there a cure? Doctor, he is only a four-year-old child!”


Nicole is also a mother, but it is hard to imagine that a mother would do this unacceptable thing to her own son.


Lucas didn't understand anything, but she was worried and grabbed Nicole's hand and asked, “Mommy, is Joseph serious?”


Jacob suddenly thought of Lucas and pushed him to the doctor's front and said, “Dean, let our Young Master Lucas have a blood test too.”


Nicole's face suddenly changed.


“Lucas should be okay. He just came back not long!”


“Just in case.”


Jacob only gave Nicole three words, but Nicole's heart was not calm.


If the other party has always hated her and still wants to put Lucas to death, will he also be slapped?


Thinking of this possibility, Nicole was cold and sweaty in her palms.