Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 147: Joseph is sick

Samuel arranged for the transfer procedures after Nicole left. He did it so secretly that no one knew where he went.


Nicole learned that Samuel was transferred to the hospital at night. She cooked the pigeon soup for Samuel by herself, but when Jacob sent it to him, Jacob said that Samuel was no longer in the hospital. He doesn't explain where Samuel went.


She knew that she had completely injured Samuel.


Jacob looked at Nicole and asked in a low voice, “Madam, Mr. Green asked me to ask you, what is your purpose for coming back this time? As long as you want, you can speak. Everything from the Green Family and Every resource let you use.”


“I want to see him!”


Nicole didn’t want to say anything now, just want to see Samuel.


Jacob said embarrassedly, “Madam, don't embarrass me. You know, no one can interfere with the decision made by Mr. Green. He always said that you can ask for anything and take everything, even his life. But now he doesn't want to see you.”


Nicole's heartfelt uncomfortable again.


Did he make up his mind not to see her again?


Or decided to forget her?


Nicole didn't know but felt that her heart was barren again.


“Did Zac confess?” .


Nicole had to shift her emotions, otherwise she didn't know how to do it. If she let her low air pressure affect Lucas, she would be unbearable.


Jacob shook his head and said, “No, Zac is still stiff, maybe waiting for something.”


“Can't I leave the Green Family's house? If I don't go to see Samuel, can't I go out to do errands?”


Nicole's words made Jacob not know how to answer. .


“I need to ask Mr. Green.”




Nicole is not noisy or noisy, especially obedient, but Jacob can see that her eyes have lost their brilliance. Now Nicole seems to be a walking dead, without any emotion at all, like Samuel in five years.


He shook his head again.


The relationship between Samuel and Nicole and the current plot, Jacob didn’t know how to speak and persuade but hoped that the two of them could break through a few mental obstacles and get together.


It's not easy for two people to fall in love and it's even harder to get to the present, isn't it?


Jacob sighed and called Samuel.


Samuel was silent for a while and said, “Follow her wherever she is going. Be sure to protect her safety.”


“Mr. Green, since you are so worried about your wife, why bother...”


Jacob wanted to persuade him, but Samuel had hung up the phone before he said.


So a proud person, when he put his heart completely in front of Nicole without reservation, what he got was the deception and use of Nicole. This is the most hurtful thing.