Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 143: I am a ghost from hell

“Be careful!”


Jason's heart tightened suddenly, but unfortunately, he was disabled.


He had never really realized what would happen if his legs were not good enough, but at this moment he felt a deep sense of frustration.


The girl he likes is right in front of him, seeing the danger, but he can't do anything, he doesn't even have the strength to stand up and pull her away.


Jason hammered his legs fiercely, watching Jacob kick Zac away and then quickly blocked Nicole.


Nicole is afraid.


At that moment, she saw the killing intent in Zac’s eyes, but she couldn't retreat.


Behind her are sons, daughters, Samuel and many people she wants to protect.


Some people say that when you are alone, you can be cowardly and cowardly, but after you become a wife, mother and daughter, you lose this right, because once you turn around, once you fall, you will only be hurt the closest person.


Nicole didn’t know much about this sentence before, but at this moment she deeply felt that these relatives would give her boundless courage, enough for her to face any difficulties and pains.


Nicole gently pushed Jacob away, looked at Zac who was kicked to the ground, said coldly, “You think you kill me, everything that happened before can be written off? Zac, who are you doing for? Think about it carefully. If you keep a secret for her and stick to the last bit of morality, what will happen to your beloved one?”


Zac's eyes were a little bloodshot and he said viciously, “If you dare to hurt Petty, I won't let you go!”


“What? did you think that you would have today five years ago?”


Nicole has to hate!


In five years, she has experienced too much, her child has experienced too much, Samuel has also experienced too much and all of this is due to the person in front of him and Riley.


Now she knows that they are all in front of my eyes and she even knows that they did what they did, but there is no evidence.


Without evidence, everything is empty talk and it is impossible to bring them to justice. What about those who are hurt?


Is there no justice at all?


Nicole is rarely attached to anything, but she has to explain it.


Zac stares for her fiercely, as if entangled with something, thinking about something, but closed his mouth tightly and didn't speak anymore.


Nicole could also afford it and just sat there lightly, not in a hurry.


Jason looked at the Nicole in front of him, admiring her courage somewhat, as if he could see that Nicole still had a lot to ask. Jason said in a low voice, “Miss Bush, I am a little uncomfortable. I will go back first. After you ask, let My people take him back.”