Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 138: The Glory of Motherhood

Nicole’s hands were shaking.


She even wanted to cry.


This is the daughter she tried to keep, but Samuel didn't even know her existence. If she told Samuel, she would be sure that Samuel would rush over and match the shape immediately, but Samuel's current physical condition is really not suitable for any surgery.


Nicole was anxious, but had to wait. This kind of suffering made her unhappy, but she didn't dare to talk to Zoe.


When Zoe heard that Nicole said the same, she immediately became happy.


“Mummy, I will wait for you to come back, I will definitely! I am very strong. Yesterday the dean's grandma told me that I am the strongest girl in the world!”


Nicole's tears shed again.


Tim saw Nicole's tears from the window and he was a little distressed. He wanted to stand up to comfort Nicole, but he couldn't bear to disturb Nicole.


Maybe Nicole didn't even know it. At this time, she seemed to be covered with a halo and the invisible brilliance made her whole person particularly gentle, warm and even with an indescribable feeling.


And that feeling is like rain showers on Tim's heart. He suddenly felt that Nicole at this time was like a goddess, which could be viewed from a distance and could not be played with.


Not knowing what kind of psychology, Tim took out the money and put it on the table. Although he still has a lot of doubts and explorations about Nicole, at this moment, he just wants to leave the silence to Nicole alone.


Walking out of the coffee shop, Tim was unwilling, but had to call Samuel again.


Samuel frowned when he saw Tim's call, but he still answered.


“What's the matter?”


“Catherine is in the cafe opposite the hospital. Come and take her away. I have something to leave now, so I can’t send her back to the ward.”


“Tim, you took her out and now you are leaving her alone? Do you know she is dangerous now? She...”


“Are you coming or not? I'm leaving.”


Tim didn't want to listen to Samuel's lesson.


He felt that his mind was flooded and he would actually call Samuel. Isn't this sincerely creating opportunities for Samuel?


But taking another look at Nicole who was still on the phone, Tim's heart was slightly uncomfortable.


Samuel hesitated for a while, turned and left, but sent someone to wait for Zama news and hurried to the door of the cafe.


After Tim saw him coming, he left without saying a word.


Samuel turned to look for Nicole and saw Nicole on the phone in the sun. Between her eyebrows, there was a gentleness he had never seen before. The gentleness and gentleness were different from Lucas and seemed to bring a trace of distress and pity.


Who is she calling?