Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 137: I'm afraid we won't drink today’s coffee

“I'm afraid today's coffee won't be made.”


Although Nicole was smiling, the smile did not reach the bottom of his eyes.


She knew the person who came in front of her, Riley's mother Swift Jerry.


When she married Samuel, Swift once troubled her. At that time, Nicole knew that Swift was not a simple character. Now that 


Riley has just been arrested, Swift is here again. Nicole already knows who she is a troubled woman.


Tim was shocked.


“Why? You don't even want a cup of coffee, do you?”


He smiled faintly, but found that Nicole’s eyes were not right. Following Nicole's eyes, Tim saw Swift walking towards this side angrily.


Tim frowned slightly.


Swift quickly arrived in front of Nicole and poured the coffee beside her at Nicole.


Nicole had been prepared for a long time and directly measured her body and coffee passed her face.


“You are a bitch!”


Swift's eyes were full of hatred and that kind of hatred seemed to be carved in his bones, which made it impossible to ignore.


Nicole frowned slightly and her brain moved quickly.


Her current appearance does not look like Nicole at all, even if she came for Riley, she wouldn't have such deep hatred. But 

Swift's eyes did make Nicole more vigilant.


“Madam, what are you doing? We have never known each other. You have been rough at first, isn’t it good?”


Nicole said calmly, but Swift trembled with anger.


This bitch didn't die in the sea of fire five years ago and now she came back with a different face. Though she was calmer and more vigorous, she was only fighting


Samuel's momentum.


Remembering that her daughter took five years to have obtained a little part of Samuel's heart and even gave birth to a child to the Green family, but now she has fallen short because of the Nicole in front of her, Swift can’t wait to kill Nicole in person.


“I don't know? Are you? But I know you. I knew you five years ago. Don't you remember me? That feast in the Flower Hall, did 

you eat well?”


Swift simply didn’t bother to fight a riddle with Nicole.