Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 135: Do You Really Think I'm Blind?

Lucas is a computer genius and only Joseph and Samuel Nicole know about it. As for other people, they would never have thought that a child as small as Lucas would have such great computer skills.


So Zama must have never thought of it.


When she saw Samuel holding Lucas Bush down, Zama had already stood up from the floor and instructed the servant to took medicine wine.




Zama hurriedly got up, but caused a waist injury. She yelled twice. When she found that Samuel didn’t care about her at all, her eyes were a little dim, with a trace of pain and sadness.


Samuel completely ignored her small movements. For him, Zama did too much this time.


“Luna, take the monitor in the monitoring room and bring it over. I need to see what is going on with this vase.”


Samuel said coldly.


Luna hurried to the monitoring room.


Zama didn't feel nervous at all. In her opinion, the video in the surveillance room had been closed by her and there would be no footage by then and she can say anything.


Although Samuel said that Lucas was the son of him and Nicole, Lucas was the child of the Green family, she would not believe it until she saw the appraisal report.


It may be that Catherine said this deliberately to confuse Mr. Green.


The fire that year was so intense that everything was burned to ashes. She didn't believe Nicole could escape from the fire and even gave birth to the child.


Lucas has been sitting quietly in Samuel's arms and he found that Samuel's embrace is different from that of Nicole. It is particularly powerful and a sense of security.


He leaned in a comfortable position in Samuel's arms, closed his eyes and rested, not looking at the resentful eyes that Zama 

glared at.


Seeing him leaning against his arms like a kitten, Samuel's chest suddenly became full.


Maybe this is the feeling of the father and son relationship?


So satisfied and happy. At this moment he couldn't wait to bring all the best things in the world to Lucas.


Seeing the tenderness and pampering in Samuel's eyes, Zama's face was a bit ugly. She wanted to say something, but she 

still held back.


Luna quickly brought the surveillance video over.


Samuel did not dare to move, for fear that he would move Lucas. He enjoys such a moment very much. It feels really good to 

be depended on by his son.


“Put it on the computer and let everyone see what's going on.”