Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 131: My heart only beats for you in my life

“What do you want to do?”


Nicole became a little nervous.


“What do you think? my wife!”


Samuel Green's voice became hoarse again.


Nicole felt that she was as helpless as a white rabbit in front of Samuel. She pushed Samuel away and said, “I'm hungry, I want to eat something.”


“I'm hungry too.”


Samuel took her hand in time.


Nicole felt that the hot temperature in his palms made her feel powerless.


“Please, remember you are a patient, OK?”


Nicole couldn't refuse too much, but she really cared about Samuel's body.


Seeing that Nicole was really distressed, Samuel stopped teasing her and took her hand to the table and the two quietly finished their breakfast.


“If you are not tired, let’s talk about car design drawings?”


There have been so many trivial things in the past few days that Nicole has abandoned her own job. Now thinking of her purpose of coming to the Seapolis City, she wants to quickly get the design drawings out during injury.


Samuel then remembered that there was one more thing.


“You can still remember to work at this time. It seems that I didn’t work hard.”


Samuel said depressedly. He felt that his charm was not as good as before. Otherwise, why would Nicole still have the idea of designing?


In the past, Nicole didn't think of anything when she saw him.


Seeing Samuel's childish appearance, Nicole said with a smile, “President Green, you can think about it. Iam the car designer that you invited back to participate in the cooperation. Now the day of cooperation signing is getting closer, but the design drawings still don’t have a clue at all. I won't be able to explain to Allen when that happens.”


Hearing Nicole talking about Allen Brook again, Samuel couldn't bear it this time.


He approached Nicole again and asked word by word, “Allen is kind to you and our child, but Nicole, I am a man, I will be 

jealous. I am grateful for his dedication to you and the child, but only thanks. I don’t care what kind of emotion you have towards him, but I will never let go of you and our child. Never!”


When Nicole saw him being so serious, she suddenly smiled and said, “Allen is just my good friend, or my brother is more precise. In the past five years, he has guarded me and our children like a family member. I owe him more than I can pay. If you are really thinking about me, please don’t make me embarrassed. I am a designer from the H’J Group and I was sent to work with you. I still hope that we can reach a consensus on business, okay?”


Samuel has never seen such Nicole.


When she talked about work, her eyes seemed to flicker. The love for this kind of industry and enthusiasm for work made 


Samuel a little fascinated for a while.


“You really like car design?”