Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 126: Are you sure you're my own son?

“Mom, it’s not what you think. There are many things you don't understand. I have time to explain to you.”


“You don't have to explain. Zama has served you for many years. Could Zama lie to me? You have to break up with the girl she doesn't like as soon as possible. Also, I heard that the woman had a son. Samuel, the Green family is not short of money, but I don’t want to raise children for others. Joseph is Vincent's son. If you take someone else's son into our family, what will you do with your property in the future? If you give too little, he will speak ill of you. If you give too much, I will not be happy.

After all, he is not a child of the Green family. You're not young. Why are you still so impetuous? I thought you were reasonable. What happened? I heard Zama say that woman is very lewd, isn't she? You have to have a good wife. You have to listen to me.”


Mrs. Green didn’t give Samuel a chance to explain.


Samuel was helpless.


“Mom, Lucas is my son. He's a child of the Green family. If you don't believe it, I can show you the paternity test. Do you really think your son is stupid? How can I fight for someone else's child? Zama doesn't know the situation. Lucas has just come back. I'm afraid some people may harm him, so I didn't disclose Lucas’s identity. Catherine is not the kind of woman you said. I'll talk to you about it later. Don't listen to Zama. Zama is hostile to her.”


“You defend her before you marry her? Zama is hostile to her? Everything Zama does is for you. Think about it. Zama has always been more thoughtful than me, your mother. Samuel, you are sometimes confused, but we are elders and bystanders, so we naturally think clearly. You have to listen to what we say. I don't like that woman anyway. Zama doesn't like her, and neither do I. What’s more, she hurt you. The children of the Green family don't need to work hard. The property left by the elders is enough for you. Vincent died for faith and justice. You are the only son I have. Don't worry me anymore, will you? "


Mrs. Green was overbearing.


Samuel wanted to go on, but there was a ring on the other end of the phone.


“Well, I have something to do. I have to hang up. Let Jacob take good care of you. I'll go back to see you in a few days when I have time. And I heard you sent Zama to the suburbs? Was that woman's idea? Listen to me. Transfer Zama back to the Green family's old house, or I'll get angry with you. Do you hear me? You grow up. You abandoned your wet nurse for a woman. You are ungrateful.”


Mrs. Green hung up and neither of them was happy.


Jacob heard it clearly and said nothing. In fact, he couldn't give any good advice at this time. Obviously, Zama said something to Mrs. Green, so she didn't believe Lucas was her grandson and didn't even ask.


Samuel was really upset.


His mother and his wet nurse did the same. He couldn't handle them. But Nicole was the woman he wanted to pursue in his life, and Lucas was his own son. He couldn't forgive himself if he didn’t take him home.


When Samuel thought of everything that happened five years ago, he was more distressed and guilty.


“Don't let Nicole know about it for a while. I'll call my mom again sometime. As for Zama, I need to talk to her.”


Samuel sighed and was worried.


He experienced being tortured by several women. But there was one thing he was sure of. This time he wouldn't let Nicole suffer anymore.


Jacob nodded and did it immediately.


Nicole came back with Lucas.


When Jacob saw them, he immediately said with a smile, “Lucas, I bought your favorite braised fish.”