Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 125: You are abusing single people

“Samuel! You are too cunning!"


It was too late for Nicole to react.


Samuel kept laughing. The next moment he kissed Nicole in a domineering way.


Nicole was afraid to touch his wound and tried not to touch his chest, which made Samuel even more unscrupulous. His big hands touched everywhere and made Nicole blush.


As soon as the gun was about to go off, Nicole pushed him away.


Her face was as red as sunset. She was panting and her body was a little soft. She could only stare at Samuel, but she didn't expect her watery eyes to be more provocative.


Samuel felt like he was going to explode.


He said in a hoarse voice, “you don’t know how I’ve been for five years. I haven't had sex for five years. Can't I kiss you?”


“No way!”


Although Nicole was pleased with what he said, she thought it would be cruel if Samuel hadn't touched another woman in five years. However, when she thought of Samuel's injury, she still held back her heartache.


“You have to recover first.”


Samuel's eyes brightened.


“You mean we can do that when I’m healed?”


“I didn't say anything.”


Nicole looked at Samuel and thought she had dug a hole for herself.


Just then Jacob came. He was inexplicably envious and felt that he should find a woman to fall in love with, otherwise, he would be a bit intolerable to be abused.


“Ahem! President Green, I bring food.”


Jacob coughed on purpose.


Nicole seemed to have been exposed all of a sudden. She blushed even more and couldn't stay in the room for a moment.


“I'll get Lucas back.”


With that, she ran away.


Samuel's smile was even smuggler.