Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 124: We really didn't do anything

Samuel looked at Lucas. Lucas turned his head on purpose and didn't look at him.




He did it on purpose!


Samuel was so arrogant before!


Even if he felt that Samuel was a little better than Godfather, he would not admit it now.


But Samuel didn't know what Lucas was thinking. He just looked at his own son in dismay and felt that he had a long way to go before his son could fully accept him.


Nicole was actually awake. She could not help but feel a little funny as she watched the father and son quarrel.


She never knew that Samuel had such a childish side. She was surprised that he had an argument with a four or five-year-old.


When she saw that Samuel was very angry, Nicole finally couldn't help laughing.


“Mommy, are you awake?”


When Lucas heard Nicole's laughter, he turned around and looked at Nicole with concern.




Nicole found out that Lucas kept her holding his little hand in order not to disturb her rest.


“Is your arm numb? Why don't you take your hand back? Let me have a look.”


Nicole got up quickly and released Samuel's hand.


The source of warmth suddenly left, and Samuel was depressed. Especially Nicole didn't look at him since she woke up. She focused all her attention on Lucas. Samuel was suddenly upset.


He was a patient, OK?




Samuel coughed on purpose and hoped to attract Nicole's attention. Unfortunately, Lucas had long been aware of his meaning and immediately said, “Mommy, I can't move my arm.”


“It’s OK. Mommy will rub it for you.”


Nicole heard Samuel's cough and was going to look back, but when she heard what Lucas said, she immediately rubbed Lucas’s arm.


In her opinion, Lucas was still a child. He had just gone through such a terrible thing, but he had numbed his arm to take care of her. As a mother, she couldn't ignore him.


Samuel's an adult, and there was a doctor here, so there should be no problem.


Nicole thought and ignored Samuel.


“Are you feeling better?”


Nicole asked Lucas softly.


Lucas immediately nodded and said, “yes, but it’s still numb. Mummy, rub it a little more.”




Nicole fondly smiled at Lucas and said softly, “don't be so silly in the future. If Mommy is asleep, you can take out your hand. 

It’s OK. Mommy won't wake up.”


How could she not know what her son was doing?