Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 121: She was well informed

“What's going on?”


Jacob frowned slightly and subconsciously asked the bodyguard who was following him.


The bodyguard quickly went out to check and then he came back with some hesitation.


“What's the matter?”


Jacob knew the bodyguard very much. His indecisive manner made him somewhat surprised and uneasy.


The bodyguard took a deep breath and said, "the woman outside is Zama. She heard that President Green had entered the operating room, so she is clamoring to come in.’


Jacob was helpless.


Zama was Samuel's wet nurse. Although she didn't do a good job last time and was fired by Nicole, Jacob did not send Zama out of the Seapolis City, but found a vacant house of the Green family for Zama to live in.


Jacob knew Samuel's feelings for Zama. Although Zama was a servant, Jacob tried his best to make Zama live a better life. Unexpectedly, it made Nicole get into trouble.


Jacob looked at Nicole in embarrassment.


“I'm sorry, ma’am.”


“Samuel’s just had an accident, and Zama is very well informed. She knows immediately that she should come here to look for Samuel, and she is really worried about Samuel.”


Nicole’s words made Jacob a little stunned, and then he realized that something was wrong.


In order not to affect Samuel and Nicole, Jacob specially arranged Zama in a relatively remote suburb, where there were not many people but the air was very good. He even found two servants for Zama to serve her. Even if Zama got the news, she couldn't have come so soon, let alone know about it so soon.


Jacob's eyes changed.


“Ma’am, do you mean...”


“This is the hospital. Samuel is still in the rescue. I'm not in the mood to deal with these things, and I don’t want him to be disturbed. You can solve it yourself”


Nicole was a little tired.


She knew that Zama was suspect, but Jacob was thoughtful.


Zama had been taking care of Samuel since he couldn't walk. After all these years, she was almost equal to Samuel's second mother. Although Zama was a little unfriendly to her, she was for Samuel's good, and she didn't know her real identity.


Now that Samuel was in the emergency room, Nicole really didn’t want to have any more conflicts with Zama, which made Samuel in a dilemma.


Over the past five years, there seemed to be a lot of things that she had put Samuel in a dilemma. For her sake, Samuel had risked his own life. That was enough for Nicole.