Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 120: I already knew

“Samuel Green!”


“Senior Green!”


Both Nicole Bush and Lucas Bush panicked.


How did the man fall down without showing any omen?


Nicole Bush hugged Samuel Green quickly, and Lucas Bush ran out for help.


For a time, the entire beauty salon became intense again.


The ambulance was roaring, Samuel Green was carried to the ambulance, and Nicole Bush didn't have time to say thank you to Jason Don, so she and Lucas Bush got on the ambulance and accompanied Samuel Green back to the hospital.


Lucas Bush took Samuel Green's hand tightly and looked at his pale face, and asked anxiously, “Mom, will Senior Green die?”


“Of course not.” Nicole Bush comforted Lucas Bush.

She knew more than Samuel Green's injuries than anyone else, but for his son he never minded his pain.


She couldn't hate him like the previous way.


Nicole Bush hugged Lucas Bush tightly, and tears kept flowing.


She didn't know what to do if Samuel Green was really in trouble.


Only at this moment did she realize how much she loved Samuel Green.


This love was already carved into her bones and could not be removed.


Lucas Bush seemed to feel Nicole Bush's anxiety and stayed in her arms quietly, but his little hands held Samuel Green's hand tightly and refused to let go.


Lucas Bush prayed in his heart, and the good-looking eyes were in tears.


The ambulance quickly reached the hospital, and the doctors and nurses quickly pushed Samuel Green into the emergency room.


Nicole Bush and Lucas Bush are isolated.


Lucas Bush's little body was a little tired, but he didn't want to bother Nicole Bush. He moved a little, and Nicole Bush noticed 

it immediately.


“What's the matter? Are you hungry? Mommy will buy you something to eat first. After Samuel Green comes out, I will go home and cook for you, OK?”