Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 118: Daddy take you home

“I'm ready!”


Nicole Bush is also excited at this time.


Her son was about to be rescued. She wanted to rush in now, hugging Lucas Bush tightly, never letting go again.


Samuel Green put on his coat held by Jacob Brown, quickly returned Lucas Bush with a set of codes, told him to mind the changes, he would go in through the vent to save him.


With Samuel Green's response, Lucas Bush's heart was somewhat relaxed.


He finally felt that he was not alone.


There will be someone to save him.


That man is his father!


Although he doesn't want to admit it now!


After Riley George release her anger, she sat on the bed again, cried and laughed, “What am I asking for in my life? The only person I love is Samuel Green, but when I was away from home I met Vincent Green. He looked exactly the same as Samuel Green, and I thought of him as Samuel Green. I thought these days would last forever, as long as I gave birth to Vincent Green ‘s son, I would be able to go back the Green Family, get everything belongs to me!”


“But why is Vincent Green died so fast? He died as soon as I was pregnant. Perhaps God had mercy on me, he made Samuel Green find me. The moment I saw him, I knew that it was arranged by God, I was destined to be with Samuel Green! So I came back. I took Vincent Green's son back. Samuel Green announced that he would position Joseph Green as the future heir of the Green Family out of guilt for his twin brother and gave Joseph Green an upright identity.”


“For the past five years, I always thought I could go on like this. Samuel Green would accept me because Joseph Green and make me Mrs. Green, but why is Nicole Bush not dead? Why is she not dead and came back with her son? If I had known this, I should have made a move on her in the hospital.”


Riley George laughed again when she finished, but there was tears in the corner of her eyes.


There was a noise outside, making her more irritable.


“Shut up, all of you!”


Riley George opened the door and roared, but saw the leader quickly approaching this way.


“Miss George, the woman came again just now, but with a lot of people coming, it seems to make trouble.”


“Made trouble? Doesn't she know that this is a beauty salon opened in the name of the Green Family? Why is she so reckless? That woman doesn't understand the rules?”


Riley George was angry.


The foreman said in a low voice, “I didn't find out. It is said that she just arrived at the Seapolis City a few days ago. You also know that the Seapolis City organized an international trade conference exhibition a few days ago. Many foreign ladies came here and we can't tell where did she came from. she may not know this is the Green Family beauty salon.”


“I'm going to take a shower, you deal with it first, I'll come right away, by the way, is Technician Zac back?”


“He said he would be back soon.”


The foreman said respectfully.


“Um, when him come back, tell him hurry to the basement to solve the stink boy for me. By the way, why didn't I see Petty?”


Riley George frowned slightly.


The foreman's eyes could not help but look away as far as possible to cover up the emotions in the eyes.