Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 117: Our son is a genius



Nicole Bush still want to say something, but she saw that Samuel Green has started discussing specific details with Jacob Brown.


Jacob Brown actually disagreed with Samuel Green.


“Let me go, Master Lucas knows me.”


“Don't mention this again. I have to save my own son, or do you think my physical condition is not good?”


Samuel Green's rhetorical question left Jacob Brown speechless.


Who is Samuel Green?


He once broke into the enemy camp and rescued a dozen hostages alone. Who dare to say that he can't?


Nicole Bush said worriedly, “If you want to go in, you may need someone to cover you? It is better to have me come. Just now I was annoyed by the waiter. If !am a noble lady, I can't bear this insult. I can use this as an excuse to bring people to there to make troubles. This may give you a chance.”


Samuel Green paused.


In fact, he thought the same way, but he didn't want to let Nicole Bush take risks, and he planned to let other people go.


“It's better to change people, I'm not sure.”


“You said, it is our son inside, I am a mother, it is impossible to do nothing. Lucas may be inside, maybe no, we are also trying. But if he is inside, I hope to do something for my so. It’s better ding something than waiting here.”


Nicole Bush's eyes also looked at the beauty shop.


Samuel Green couldn't say anything to refute.


He said reluctantly, “You must be careful.”




“Jacob Brown, always pay attention to protecting my wife.”


This statement by Samuel Green directly points out Nicole Bush's identity.


Although others didn't know what was going on, Nicole Bush's eyes were red and she was little choked.


This word “wife”, she had waited for many years. She thought that she will not here this title in her life, but now she only feels inexplicably moved and warm.


“Be careful, I hope you father and son will come back safely.”


Nicole Bush's eyes had a touch of tenderness.


Samuel Green nodded with a smile.


Several people discussed the specific operations again.


After Lucas Bush hid in the VIP room, he hid under the bed, but suddenly found a micro camera under the bed.


He didn't understand why there was this thing here, but for him, it was obviously an opportunity to escape.


Lucas Bush smiled slightly and quickly checked the camera, and found that it was just a secondary machine, and there was a main control machine outside.


How can he transmit information out?