Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 101: Who Did She Think She Is

“What did you say?”


Nicole thought she had heard it wrong.


Could this be another Samuel's trick again?


But why couldn't her compress her emotion?


Nicole's hands were trembling, and even accidentally crashed the corner of the sofa with her knee when she got up.


“What's wrong? What happened?”


Mrs. Bush was very worried when she saw Nicole's wired behavior.


Nicole took a look at Mrs. Bush and Mr. Bush. They had treated Samuel as their own son for the past five years. If they knew this, they might not be so anxious.


It's really false to say that she is not jealous.


Her own parents should have been loving her, but now they like Samuel so much and coincidentally at the time when she doesn't want to continue with Samuel anymore.


Nicole coughed and said, “Samuel has some trouble with the designing and needs me to go back to deal with it. Aunt, uncle, I will come to visit you someday later.”


She tried hard to make her tone as calm as possible, but her palms had oozed sweat.


"Go, go. Samuel hasn't been living a happy life in recent years. You can help him as much as you can.”


Mrs. Bush is now looking at Samuel as a mother-in-law looking at her son-in-law.


Nicole didn't say anything, said goodbye to Mrs. Bush quickly, then went out and got herself a taxi, and went to the military hospital immediately.


After coming to the military hospital, the people here surprised Nicole.


There were two rows of men in black standing in front of the operating room. A man in a wheelchair was murderous, and Jacob stared at them angrily.


“Jacob, how is Samuel?”


Nicole stepped forward and asked, she could feel her nervousness, but she told herself that it was all for Zoe, not for Samuel.


Jacob saw Nicole coming and greeted her quickly.


“Miss Bush, President Green is still rescuing.”


“What happened?”


When Nicole and Samuel left, Samuel was okay. Why did all this happen so suddenly?


Jacob hadn't spoken yet, and Jason who was sitting on the side spoke first.


“Are you Catherine?"


“Who are you?”