Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 100: Step over Me

The note said "My baby.”




Mr. Bush's hands were a little excited, but he smiled and said, "This child looks really handsome.”


“Yeah, when he was born, he was very adorable. Since he was born, he has been considerate and sensible.”


When it came to her son, Nicole Bush was full of pride.


Mr. Bush calmly opened the photo album and slowly looked at it, and the more he saw, the more joyful he felt.


"I was not easy for Nicole to be abroad?"


Mr. Bush suddenly changed the subject.


Nicole Bush said in a low voice, “It's nothing, there are children here to accompany her, and it's a happy and fulfilling life.”


Mrs. Bush said anxiously, “Give it to me, why are you so selfish, old man?"


"I did not finish yet.”


Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush started arguing like two children.


Nicole Bush saw them like this, lips raised slightly. She vowed to bring Lucas Bush back to see the parents.


Just when she shared family happiness with Mr. Bush and Mrs. Bush, Samuel Green did not go well.


Shortly after leaving the Bush family, Samuel Green met the team brought by Jason Don halfway.


There were exactly eight Bentleys, each of which was full of people, and it looked like a huge situation.


Samuel Green parked the car directly in the middle of the road, preventing them from moving forward.


“Jason Don, what do you mean?"


Samuel Green did not talk about friendship at this time.


It was impossible for him to still maintain a gentlemanly manner when others was about to hurt his woman.


Jason Don wasn't surprised to meet Samuel Green here.


He rolled down the window and said coldly, "Mr. Green, this is your business today, and I hope you let it go."


"I said, Catherine is my woman, you have to ask me if you want to touch her.”