Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 98: She Finally Went Home

It was a green jadeite bracelet. When Nicole Bush's 20th birthday, Ms. Bush personally went to the Yunnan border to pick it for her. When she married Samuel Green, the only dowry she took was this.


Now that so many years have passed, how could Mrs. Bush not be excited when she saw this bracelet again? That's something Nicole Bush never left behind!


"Why do you have Nicole's stuff? Where is my daughter?”


Mrs. Bush hugged Nicole Bush's shoulders tightly, the tears in the corners of her eyes could not stop, and her body was trembling slightly.


Nicole Bush had experienced a lot of struggle in her heart. She really wanted to tell the woman in front her that she was her daughter!


But Samuel Green's hopeful look and Mr. Bush's doubtful eyes all made her wake up instantly.


They were not young anymore, they have experienced the pain of losing a daughter, and they certainly could not experience another feeling of losing family again.


Nicole Bush suppressed her discomfort in the heart, said in a low voice, “She is healing in a very safe place. Aunt, I came to tell you that she will definitely come back to find you, but before she comes to you, please do not believe in others, and don't go anywhere, wait for her to come back.”


“What happened to her? What happened to my Nicole?"


Mrs. Bush's tears could no longer be held back, and the teardrops dripped on the back of Nicole Bush's hand, burning very hot.


Nicole Bush choked with a sore throat and said in a low voice, "The fire made her look beyond recognition. She was healing and treating. Auntie, maybe her look won't be what you once knew when she came back, could you still accept her?”


"She is my daughter! I carried her for ten months! How could I not accept her? Even if there was some misunderstanding and awkwardness between us, but what can be compared to life and death in this world? Her Dad and I are so old that we can't live a few more years in our life. We just hope to see her in our lifetime and then we will be content.”


Mrs. Bush cried silently.


Nicole Bush was distress to insane.


"I have some pictures of her here. Do you want to see her?"


Nicole Bush didn't actually plan to let his parents see her embarrassing face, but now if she couldn't persuade them, they would leave the Seapolis City and were exploited by those who were interested, and there may be unexpected things and accidents.


She didn't want anything happen to her parents!


When Mrs. Bush heard it, she quickly got a spirit.


"Sure, no matter what Nicole had become, we will accept her!”


Although Mr. Bush didn't say anything, he seemed eager.


Father's love was as thick as a mountain!


In the past, Nicole Bush always felt that her father was stern and even felt that he was somewhat impersonal, but after separation of life and death, she realized that the father's love always existed, but his expression was subtler and more forgiving.


Nicole Bush took Mrs. Bush and her Dad back to Bush's house.


Samuel Green saw them like this, just want to follow, but then heard Jacob Brown's sound, he hurried up, whispering, “Mr. Green, the Don Family's people got the news and was coming here."


"Do they come for Nicole?"