Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 97: Borrow Your Shoulder

“Dad, Mom...”


Nicole Bush called out softly, but Samuel Green held her hands tighter again, and he said in a low voice, "You need to think about it clearly, if you recognize them now, maybe you can stop them going abroad, and also stop those People who try to use your parents. If you need it, I will prove to them that you are their daughter as soon as possible.”


Samuel Green's eyes looked a little anticipating.


No one in the world expected Nicole Bush to admit his identity more than he did, because once she admits, she was the young lady of the Green Family, the wife he was marrying by Samuel Green!


Feeling Samuel Green's hotly anticipated eyes, Nicole Bush really wanted to admit for a moment. Whether it was because of Samuel Green, she couldn't help but want to cry when she looked at her parents’ old appearance.


She hasn't seen them in five years. The temples of her parents had been completely white, and her mother's face was even more wrapped in wrinkles.


Although she did not know what kind of days they have been living in the past five years, they were obviously not very good.


Samuel Green was right, as long as she told them her identity, they might not be used by others, but she couldn't say it now.


Nicole Bush's heart was tearing violently. The pain was a little uncomfortable, and even could not stand, and he could only maintain balance by leaning on Samuel Green.


“Let me lean on your shoulders.”


This was the first time Nicole Bush has been friendly to Samuel Green since he returned to China, and it seems to be in demand.


Samuel Green hugged her shoulder in distress and a little disappointed glanced under his eyes.


He knew Nicole Bush as much as he knew himself. From Nicole Bush's eyes, he had seen the answer he wanted.


Nicole Bush does not want to recognize her identity!


Samuel Green was puzzled by this, but was helpless.


Nicole Bush said in a low voice, "I want to get something back in the car, you help me stop them first."


"I help you get the thing.”


Samuel Green was a little uneasy when Nicole Bush went back to the car alone, looking at her face at this time, as if she would faint at anytime and anywhere.


Nicole Bush shook his head and said, “No, I can do it myself."


After she finished speaking, she released Samuel Green and turned around quickly, fearing that her tears would be seen by her parents.


Samuel Green looked at her staggering back. His eyes glanced over a sight of distress.


He didn't know what Nicole Bush was going to do, but since she wanted to do it, it would be good if he let her do it.