Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 95: It's Enough to Have You

“We go back to the Seapolis City immediately!”


Samuel Green made a decision immediately.


Jacob Brown did not know that Samuel Green was injured. After hearing Samuel Green's order, he quickly arranged for the helicopter to return to the Seapolis City.


Nicole Bush just came out when she heard the news. She still had some doubts and wanted to ask Samuel Green in person, but found Lucas Bush came over with a heavy heart.


“What's wrong? Lucas? Did you have a fight with Joseph Green?”


The only problem she thought of is this, and she didn't think Joseph Green could bully Lucas Bush.


Lucas Bush looked at Nicole Bush and asked doubtfully, "Mommy, where's your parent? Do I have grandpa and grandma?"


"Why do you ask this?”


Nicole Bush was somewhat sad.


She had never told her children about her parents in the past five years, not because she didn't want to say, but she didn't know how to tell them. Moreover, in the past five years, Zoe's illness had left Nicole Bush exhausted. She had little chance to mention her parent. Lucas Bush suddenly asked this question, which really surprised Nicole Bush.


“Did you hear anything?"


“Well, just now I heard Samuel Green's assistant tell him that Miss Bush's parents are in a hurry to go abroad, but it seems that something went wrong. Is Miss Bush you?"


Lucas Bush told Nicole Bush what he just overheard.


Nicole Bush suddenly panicked.


“Did you hear Samuel Green's assistant say this in person?”




Seeing Nicole Bush nervous, Lucas Bush realized that Miss Bush should be Nicole Bush.


"Mommy, don't worry, Samuel Green is ready to go back, but he haven't left yet, you can follow him back. I will take care of myself here, and you don't need to worry about me.”


Lucas Bush pacified Nicole Bush sensibly.


Nicole Bush thought that it was a gift that God could give her such a son. She should take care of Lucas Bush at this time. 


But if the parents really had something happened, she couldn't just sit back and ignore it.


"Lucas, stay here, ok? No matter what happens, you go to the Instructor Macon Joe. He will protect you and protect Joseph Green.”


Nicole Bush did not want to believe what Samuel Green said, but what if what he said is real?


If Joseph Green was really his brother's posthumous son, then she should not be jealous about a child, besides Lucas Bush was really good to him.


Lucas Bush was surprised, but nodded.


"Mommy, you must take good care of yourself. I will make a video with my sister every day, you can rest assured.”