Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 94: Are You Sick?

Nicole Bush was a bit repulsive.


"I have nothing to say to you.”


Nicole Bush didn't want to care about Samuel Green. Although the story he just told was a bit touching, the person was not him. So why would she follow him?


Samuel Green grabbed Nicole Bush's arm without explanation, got up and left.


"Hey, hey, Samuel Green, are you bandits? I haven't finished my meal yet.”


Nicole Bush was not as powerful as Samuel Green. The main reason was that she actually remembered the wound on Samuel Green at this time.


In case she exerts force, will his wound break open?


With such hesitation, Nicole Bush was dragged out by Samuel Green.


"Samuel Green, don't go too far!"


Although Nicole Bush growled, the strength in her hand was not too hard. Sensing this, Samuel Green slightly smiled.


This woman was aggressive but soft-hearted. Who said she didn’ care about people?


Jacob Brown saw Samuel Green coming out, originally intended to go forward to report but seeing him pull Nicole Bush's hand out, and with a look of shy, Jacob Brown retreated silently.


Nicole Bush saw Jacob Brown, and quickly said, “Aren't you looking for Samuel Green? Get him away quickly.”


It seemed that Jacob Brown hadn't heard it. He smiled and retreated.


Nicole Bush feels that Jacob Brown was simply abominable, and was exactly the same as Samuel Green!


Samuel Green was a little happy, and took Nicole Bush all the way to seaside.


The sea breeze was a bit strong, and Samuel Green took off his coat and put it on Nicole Bush.


When Nicole Bush wanted to take it off, she heard Samuel Green say, "I don't want me to use my force. You'd better to be quiet.”


"Stop, you are saying as if you are physically strong now, I don't know who was lying on the operating table like a sick seedling a while ago, waiting for the blood of two children.”


Nicole Bush poked Samuel Green's weakness without mercy.


Samuel Green felts that he really has no temper for Nicole Bush now. The woman said everything like a knife. Unfortunately, he just liked to listen to her.