Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 92: If I Didn't Cheer You up, Who Will I Be Cheering?

Samuel Green wanted to come for Nicole Bush, but when he saw this scene, his footsteps stopped.


He still remembered what Lucas Bush said to him when he was unconscious on the operating bed.


Although this child hated him a little, he will donate blood to himself at the most critical time, which made Samuel Green very moved.


This was his son!


Nicole Bush was not in the house, and did not know where she went.


Samuel Green sat lightly on the edge of the bed, trying to separate the two brothers, hugged Joseph Green, and placed him beside Lucas Bush.


But Joseph Green was very unreliable while sleeping, and when he lay down, he took a foot and straddled Lucas Bush's waist directly, and his small arm tightly grabbed Lucas Bush's body, muttering, "Lucas, I won't let you go!”


Seeing Joseph Green so innocent, Samuel Green's eyes softened a lot.


Although he was born by Riley George, he really didn't like Riley George, which as very comforting to Samuel Green.


if what Macon Joe said is true, then for Joseph Green he would not let Joseph Green return to the Seapolis City, at least not the present


Lucas Bush was still alert when he was sleeping, and when he noticed someone was staring him, he quickly opened his eyes.


His eyes were clear, and he was not sleepy at all. When he saw Samuel Green, he was a little bit stunned, but he didn't say anything, but the next moment when he noticed Joseph Green's ugly sleeping posture, and he frowned tightly.


Lucas Bush stared at Joseph Green with some disgust, but unfortunately Joseph Green slept soundly, with a drop of saliva still in the corner of his mouth.


His brows were almost knotted.


Seeing the expression of Lucas Bush, Samuel Green suddenly smiled.


This was really his son, exactly the same as he was when he was young!


"Gently move his hands and feet away. If he didn't move, you can tell him that Daddy is back and he will be quiet."


Samuel Green said in a low voice.


Although Lucas Bush didn't want to do it, he was imprisoned like an octopus, and this was uncomfortable.


He tried hard to remove Joseph Green's hands and feet, but he seemed to be wrapped around himself, which made Lucas Bush speechless.


With no other way, he had to say dumbly, "Daddy is here!”


As soon as this sentence came out, Joseph Green, like a controlled doll, let go of Lucas Bush in a panic, and shrank honestly to sleep.


Samuel Green trembled a little because of what Lucas Bush said just now.


“Say what you said just now.”


Samuel Green looked at his son with anticipation.


Lucas Bush glanced at him arrogantly and got up and got out of bed.


“Where is my mummy?"