Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 91: I adore you

Nicole Bush was flustered, but it could hardly tell that she was nervous. She looked at Tim Louis coldly and said, "When did you become a good friend with Samuel Green? You start to mediate for him?"


Tim Louis was completely stunned and realized something immediately.


"No, I didn't try to mediate. I just talked nonsense. Actually, Samuel Green's favorite person is himself, right? Hey, beauty, do you want to consider me?"


Tim Louis leaned in with a smile.


Nicole Bush sneered and said, "Are you still fooling around?”


"I'm really not fooling around, and I just fall in love with you.”


With the words, he wanted to lean on Nicole, but Nicole Bush had realized his intentions. She slightly slipped away. Tim Louis almost fell into the sea. Fortunately, Nicole Bush grabbed his hand.


"Holly molly! I know that you have a feeling for me, I know you love me.’


Tim Louis's mouth was still talking nonsense.


Nicole Bush didn't bother to care about him. After pulling him back, Tim Louis fell directly on Nicole Bush. Nicole didn't know whether it was intentional or not.


"Oh, I can't keep balance anymore. The wind is so strong here.”


A scent of fragrance came across the face.


Tim Louis only felt refreshed and rejoiced.


He had met so many women, and all of them make him suffocated in a variety of perfumes. Nicole Bush did not have any perfumes, but had a unique smell, which made him intoxicated.


He took a deep breath; his look was extremely nasty.


"Get off!"


Nicole Bush couldn't stand Tim Lou's nasty look, reaching out to push him away, but Tim Louis grabbed her hand and said, "No wonder the old saying said that ‘Die for a beauty is also a happy thing’’. Beauty, you make me Intoxicated, oh my heart is beating for you. Can you feel it?"


While talking, he put Nicole Bush's hand on his chest.


"What are you doing?"


Samuel Green suddenly snorted and scared Nicole Bush withdrew her hand unconsciously, and kept a distance from Tim Louis for the first time, but in Samuel Green's view, it all seemed a little too obvious.


Tim Louis was so scared by Samuel Green's voice that he almost fell into the sea.


He also sensitively noticed Nicole Bush's first reaction.


Did she really have nothing to do with Samuel Green?


Who would believe this?