Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 90: Samuel Falls In Love with You

Nicole retreated slightly, not intending to disturb Lucas Bush.


Lucas Bush was actually a very restrained boy. Although he was sensible, it was not easy to communicate with others, unless he thought that was a particularly important person and then he would be nice to that guy


Although she knew that Lucas Bush relationship with Joseph was unusual, Lucas Bush had realized Joseph's influence on Lucas Bush since he occasionally rejected him and despised him.


Now she saw Lucas Bush carefully cover him with quilt, and then bent over to take off his shoes. He frowned slightly when he saw that Joseph was not wearing socks. He put those two legs on the bed and pulled the quilt to cover his feet.


Nicole didn't know what kind of reaction she should make.


Was it blocking?


Still let it go?


Lucas Bush and Joseph would certainly not be together for a long time.


As long as Samuel could save Zoe, maybe Joseph would break up with Lucas Bush because of this. After all, everyone could tell the importance of Samuel to Joseph.


If he knew that something happened to Samuel and Samuel had to save Zoe. Who would the child choose between father and brother?


Nicole did not want Lucas Bush to be hurt, but she had no way to stop it now, she could just hope that he would make it if it was really that day.




Nicole coughed twice intentionally.


Lucas Bush got up quickly, his eyes panicked.




"Are you hungry? The meal will be fine after a while, but why is Joseph sleeping?"


Nicole pretended not to see what Lucas Bush did just now, and asked blankly.


Lucas Bush said with a sigh of relief, "He gets up late every day. He gets up early today, and the training intensity is so hard for him. Mommy, when the meal is ready, just leave him one come out and he will eat after he wake up. Today he had a blood transfusion and he was very weak. It is estimated that he could not participate in the training. Let him rest for a while.


Listening to Lucas Bush being so considerate for Joseph, Nicole was a bit awkward.


"You also had a blood transfusion, and you can go to sleep after eating.”


"I'm fine, I'm strong!"


Lucas Bush smiled and showed his arm as if he really had muscles.


Nicole embraced him in his arms, but she didn't know where to start.


There was a sound of boiling water in the kitchen, and Nicole quickly let go of her son and walked over.


Lucas Bush watched Nicole leave, and then stumbled.


He still overestimated himself.