Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 79: You Still Have a Chance

"I have a plan of this. You are weak. Don't confront Samuel. I involved you with this matter. After returning to the Seapolis City, Olivia, please find another job. I'm afraid he will do something to you.’


This was what Nicole was worried about.


Olivia Kent smiled and said, "I'm not afraid of him, it's a big deal to give him my life, and the Seapolis City is not really under his control.”


Seeing Olivia Kent didn't care so much, Nicole was still worried and wanted to say something, but Olivia Kent stopped her.


"Okay, you are my best friend. When I was in college, if you did not sponsor me, now I dont know where the hell I am working in. Without you, I won't have my life today. Say no more. I know what I am doing. Take care of yourself and I will be just fine.”


Nicole was immediately moved.


When she was still unmarried at the time, she was still a girl in the Bush Family. At first, she just felt that Olivia Kent's life is too difficult and she decided to help her, but did not expect to get the best girlfriend in this life.


If it was not because she fell in love with Samuel, and if it was not because of the scandal that happened eight years ago, she damaged her family's reputation, then she would not be cast out by the Bush family. She would not be so isolated after marrying into Green Family.


It's too late to say anything now.


The Bush family no longer had a room for her.


The fire happened five years ago broke all her connections with the Bush Family, and now thought of it, Nicole was very distressed.


She once abandoned everything for love, but now she had nothing and lost the children's health. She really regretted all this.


Olivia Kent took her hand tightly and whispered, "Don't be sad, I know you are thinking about the Bush Family, but your parents are not so cold-hearted. The fire shocked the whole Seapolis City five years ago. But the most broadcasted news was that you have attempted to elope with another man and buried yourself in flames.


Although your father had claimed he has cut the relationship with you, they often went to the cemetery in recent years. I heard your mother bought a piece in the cemetery, a burial mound has been erected for you, and they visit it every year. They have grown old a lot in recent years. If you have a chance, you can visit them.’


Nicole's tears could no longer be suppressed.


In the past five years abroad, the most helpless five years in her life. In fact, she thought of her mother the most.


She used to be a lady of the Bush family. She was spoiled by her parents, but because of the relationship with Samuel at the banquet being exposed to the media.


She never had a chance to claim herself.


The Bush Family was a well-known family, and a scholarly family. It was absolutely impossible for such a thing to happen. 


She understood her parents, but there was no way to make time go back.


If she could know that the love she insisted on was now all broken, she would never marry into the Green Family so resolutely.


Now all the regrets couldn't make up for the harm to their parents.


Nicole couldn't help crying while holding Olivia Kent.


"Olivia, I miss them, I really miss them. But if you look at me now, even if I stand in front of them, they won't recognize me. I'm not a filial daughter, my parents have only one daughter, but I let them suffer the pain of letting the elder watch the youngster dies. People like me are simply not worthy of being children.’