Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 78: How Can a Boy Be So Hypocritical?

Joseph didn't expect Nicole to ask himself, but he nodded subconsciously, "My mum is very busy, and she only treats me a little bit better when Daddy returns home, she will never act like you. And she never hugged me like this. Auntie, can you hug me?"


With saying, Joseph stretched his arm towards Nicole.


This time Nicole froze.


Why was it so awkward to be asked to hug by the son of enemy?


Before she made a move, Lucas Bush turned him down for her.


"Hello, Joseph, what are you doing? This is my mummy! My mummy's arms belong to me only, don't think about it, and get out of here."


Lucas Bush pushed Joseph aside.


Joseph's small mouth grumbled and said, “You are my good friend, and your mommy is my mommy. What's wrong with hugging?"


"Hey, what the hell is ‘my mommy is your mommy’? You are not a poor kid without mommy, go home to find your mommy if you want to hug her. My mommy is mine!"


Lucas Bush finished hugging Nicole tightly. It seemed that he was really afraid that Nicole would be taken away by Joseph. The nervousness make Nicole touched again.


"Okay, Joseph is just playing with you. Don't be so stingy with your friend."


Nicole comforted Lucas Bush, and unexpectedly she didn't feel awkward about Joseph.


After all, he was just a child, isn't he?


Lucas Bush hugged her thigh tightly and said, "No! Although you are my friend, it's impossible to share everything. Mommy is mine, and I won't let anyone touch you!"


Looking at Lucas Bush's possessive look, Nicole laughed.


"Well, that's fine.”


Lucas Bush smiled.


Joseph said bitterly, "Lucas is so stingy.”


“I'm stingy, so what's the matter? Beat me if you are pissed! If I win, I will let my Mommy hug you."


Lucas Bush provoked Joseph particularly arrogantly.


As soon as Nicole was about to speak of the thinking of solidarity and friendship, he heard Joseph snort and said, "Come on and fight, do you think I am afraid of you? Come on!"


He rolled up his sleeves directly, yelling and ran towards Lucas Bush.


Nicole was a little ignorant.


What's the matter with fighting?


Arent they brothers?


"Lucas, Joseph.”


Nicole wanted to stop, but Lucas Bush let go.


"Mommy, you just look at us. You can check out my training results over the past few days."