Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 76: I Will Love You Later

Nicole looked at it suddenly, but she still couldn't see clearly in the sky, she can only vaguely saw red dots flickering.


"What is that?"


"UV protection system! It's not easy for us to land, but Samuel should have told the people inside you are coming? With you, we shouldn't have to break in.”


Tim started to look for the landing point.


Nicole looked at Tim carefully.


He and Samuel were two types of men, but they were all handsome. If Samuel was calm and restrained and indifferent, then Tim was outgoing and enthusiastic. Both of them had their own benefits, but Tim and Samuel were not ordinary people. Although he looked happily on the surface even little careless, he was quite reliable.


"Do you know Samuel well?”


"Of course, from a little hostile to now, how could I don't know him, I know him better than Samuel himself.”


Tim said triumphantly.


Nicole felt that he was exaggerating.


"Bullshit, if you really got to know him, how could you still be crushed by him for so many years?"


Tim was angry when he heard this.


"What makes me crushed by him? I tell you, Samuel is too insidious. Don't look at him like a gentleman. In fact, his heart is more ruthless than anyone, darker than anyone. You don't know, when this little bastard lost his wife five years ago, and that's when he knew that he had fell in love with his wife. I've never seen him look so decadent and desperate, but I can see him acting like this in my life, I don't think my struggle was in vain.”


Nicole frowned slightly when he heard Tim.


"Do you know his wife?"


She can't remember Tim five years ago. Although she has heard it all the time, since she married Samuel, she barely stayed out of the house. She has been around Samuel all day long. She especially had no understanding and contact with people around him.


But what did she hear from Tim just now?


He said that Samuel actually fell in love with her wife?


How can this be?


Nicole thought Tim was exaggerated.


Tim smiled and said, "Of course I know his wife, that's a silly woman!"


He also shook his head.


"She was really silly.”


Nicole was bitter.


Even the outsiders could see the folly of her, it's enough to see how humble she was five years ago.