Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 75: Are You Agreed My pursue?

Nicole still felt uneasy after she got on the plane. She always felt that it was not that simple.


She hadn't been out for many days. Although when she was at the Green Family, she is not very close to Zama these days, but life is still OK, after all, there is Petty. But today she encountered such a situation as soon as she went out to breathe some fresh air. Was it really a coincidence?


And the old lady was obviously coming towards her.


If she did not go there, it is estimated that the old lady would also find a way to blackmail her. But she had no impression on that old lady. Who want to hurt her?


Moreover, in this era, if you really encounter a person who tried to use fake crash to blackmail you, as long as you treated it sincerely and was willing to pay her, there should not be too much entanglement, but why did she still feel there was something wrong?


Nicole's mind was a little messy, her brows were tight, and she couldn't think of anyone.


Tim glanced at her and asked with a smile, "Beauty, what do you think? Isn't a man so handsome like me to be around you enough to attract your attention?"


Nicole's thoughts were pulled back by him, and she whispered, "I always think this thing was strange today.”


"Well, it's really strange. Do you know the identity of the old lady?"


When Tim said this, Nicole felt even more wrong.


"You know?"


"I just learned that after the incident, and let my people checked the old lady. I took a picture of her. This is the information. You can see it for yourself.”


Tim raised his hand and threw his phone to Nicole.


It's common sense that it was not possible to turn on a mobile phone on an aircraft, because there would be signal interference, but she didn't know how Tim handled it. Actually, the aircraft was not affected at all.


For his own safety, Nicole quickly opened the screen, going through those lines, but she was shocked after reading it.


"That old lady turned out to be the mother of an executive?"




Tim was also quite surprised.


He thought it was an old lady who tried to blackmail them. It was a big deal to lose money after he kicked her. After seeing the identity of the old lady, Tim was tragic.


This was not something that money can solve. He was afraid his dad can break his leg this time.


Obviously, Nicole was also aware of this problem.


"Sorry, I bother you."


Although she hasn't been with Tim for a long time, Nicole thinks he is very good man. He is more arrogant, but he has a clear view of love and hate. He doesn't pretend on what he likes, and who doesn't like. She was happy to know him, but she didn't expect that Tim would be involved in such trouble one day.