Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 74: A Conspiracy Designed for Her

Petty and Tim didn't know how, their fight start to engage other people. An old lady suddenly fell to the side of the road.


The old woman exclaimed, and the whole person fell to the ground, trembling, and it seemed that the situation was very bad.


Petty was completely stunned.


Tim frowned slightly and said to the old lady, "Hey, don't feign injury! We didn't touch you.”


Petty now realized what happened. She and Tim did not touch the old lady. Why did she fall down?


Nicole walked over quickly.


"Ms. Bush, don't come over!"


Petty quickly spoke, but still a step late.


The old lady hugged Nicole's leg and cried aloud.


"Hey! I was hit! I was hit! This woman asked her to hurt me and wanted to escape. Is there any justice in this world!"


The old lady was so strong that they couldn't tell she was injured, but she was so dying just now.


Nicole later realized that this really meet a fake injury guy.


But she didn't hug Tim and Petty, why did she hug herself?


Nicole wanted to pull out her leg, but the old lady was so hugged that she couldn't help it.


"Old lady, I wasn't here just now. You can't blame me for this?"


Nicole actually dislikes such people. If she had known she was that kind of people, she would not just come.


The old lady said arrogantly, "It's you, it's you who hit me! Hey, my chest hurts, she hurts me!"


Because of the old lady's shouting, a large number of passers-by were attracted around them. They pointed at Nicole, making Nicole very mad.


"Old lady, it's not too shameful for you to do this kind of thing? Say, how much do you need to let go of me?"


Nicole had no choice but to blame this for bad luck, intending to use money to solve this. Unexpectedly, the old lady shouted louder.


"Have everyone heard? This woman wanted to use money to make me shut up! As an old lady, I has been beaten to the ground and couldn't get up. She didn't want send me to the hospital. She wanted to humiliate me with money. Just kill me, you bitch!"


Although that was said, the old lady had no plans to let go or seek death.


Petty haD never experienced such a thing, and for a time she panicked.


Nicole felt that she didn't check out her luck today. Why did he encounter such a terrible thing?


She just wanted to say something, but saw a figure rushing directly over her, kicking it on the old lady's chest.


"You damn moron, trying to blackmail us with you age and identity and you don't buy us your money. Don't you say that someone kicking your chest? I am kicking, what's the matter?"