Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 69: Anyway, I Can Wait

Riley George was frightened by Samuel Green's fury even if she was full of unwilling.


She took a step back suddenly, and she seemed to remember something suddenly, her face turn extremely pale.


“No, Samuel, I just...”


“Just what? Just can't control your jealousy? Just want to sleep with me but you cannot find a chance? Riley George, you should remember your identity! You can stay in the Green Family and watch Joseph Green grow up with your own eyes, not because of my affection to you, but because of that person! “


Samuel Green suddenly pinched Riley George's neck, and his eyes were scarlet like an angry lion, as if he could swallow Riley George in the next moment.


Riley George was suddenly scared.


She rarely saw Samuel Green become so angry, especially now that the hands on her neck are like iron tongs, and her neck will be pinched at anytime.


Riley George was really scared at this moment.


“Samuel, don't do this! I'm sorry! I will never do this again! Don't kill me! You know, I am his widow! If he knew you treated me like this, he would not forgive you!”


Riley George had to use that man as her shield, the man who was enough power to make her get her status in the Green Family all these years!


Muscles on the back of Samuel Green's hand popped out, the strength of his hands did not decrease at all.


He wished to strangle this woman!


Unfortunately, he can't!


Samuel Green suddenly threw Riley George aside.


Riley George fell on the floor and made a loud noise.


Jacob Brown, who ran into the room in the distance, saw this scene, and his legs almost softened.


It seemed that she really disturbed Samuel Green.


“Mr. Green, I will get Miss George away!”


Jacob Brown quickly stepped forward, directly picked up Riley George and planned to leave, but heard Samuel Green say, “From today, throw her back to the George family. If she can't understand her status in the Green Family and what kind of relationship she needs to maintain with me, she will be forbidden to enter the Green Family again in my life! Joseph Green is grown up now and can stand on his own feet!”


Riley George's strength got rushed away.


“No! You can't do this! Samuel! Joseph Green is my treasure! You can't take him away from me!”


Riley George struggled and want to do something, but Jacob Brown covered her mouth directly and pulled her out.


Disturbing Samuel Green is enough to killed him for thousands of times. If Riley George continues to make trouble, he's afraid he will lose his job.


Jacob Brown dragged Riley George away, but always felt Samuel Green's eyes keep looking at him like a hunter looking at his target.


He was sweating and sweating, and it seemed that the bonus was gone again.


The door was finally clean, but Samuel Green didn't have the desire just now.


There are too many things in his eyes, too many things on his body, which makes him a little breathless.


Nicole Bush heard the sound outside disappearing, knowing that the scene was also over.


She leaned against the head of the bed and watched Samuel Green walk in, the eyesight looked straight at her, as if he could see through all her tricks and all her thoughts.


“What do you want to ask?”


Nicole Bush stared straight at him, not timid and even amused.