Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 68: Who the hell do you think you are?

Riley George thought she had heard it wrong.


How could Samuel Green's cell phone be answered by a woman?


She knows that, Samuel Green cherished his mobile phone very much. She wanted to touch it once but was turned down by Samuel. But now there is a woman answering the phone.




What did the woman say?


Are they at the Hilton?


Riley George's brain suddenly came up with something.


She opened the quilt violently, jumped off the bed and ripped off needle of her hand, and ran out of the room.


The bodyguard stopped her outside, and Jacob Brown refused to let her go.


“Miss George, you are still weak, please go in and rest.”


Riley George was stopped at the door of the ward, which make her feel like her heart be scratched.


“I have to go, Jacob Brown, Samuel is in danger.”




Jacob Brown was a little surprised. He didn't receive a call from Mr. Green.


“Wait a moment, I will call to ask.”


To be cautious, Jacob Brown called Samuel Green in front of Riley George.


When Nicole Bush saw Jacob Brown's phone, she understood something. She smiled and threw the phone into the quilt, letting it ring.


Samuel Green never had the habit of not answering the phone, so Jacob Brown was anxious after making two consecutive calls.


Riley George was even more anxious.


Not answer the phone?


Are they start to do it?




She waited for five years, held herself for five years, and hadn't slept with Samuel Green yet. How could she let other women get ahead first?


Riley George pushed Jacob Brown away and ran out.


At this time, Jacob Brown did not dare to hold back, and he quickly caught up.


“Miss George, I will drive. Do you know where Mr. Green is?”


“Should be at the Hilton.”


Riley George didn't dare to get in Jacob Brown's car.


Jacob Brown is Samuel Green's men. If he knows what Samuel Green is doing, he will definitely stop Riley George.


Sure enough, after hearing about the Hilton Hotel, Jacob Brown remembered that Samuel Green was with Nicole Bush in the 

end. He was stunned for a moment, as if he understood something.