Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 66: Do it if you aren't afraid of death

“Joseph Green is really not my son, but he is a child of Green Family, I can't let him get kicked out.”


Samuel Green explained again.


Nicole Bush is still stunned.


Isn't Samuel Green the only child of the Green Family?


He told her that Joseph Green was not his son, but he also said that Joseph Green was a child of Green Family, or Joseph is his brother? His father has died for a long time, this just didn’t make sense!


Nicole Bush sneered and said, “Mr. Green, you really don't need to explain to me, I have no relationship with you.”




Samuel Green's words chocked his chest in one breath and couldn't breathe out.


Does this woman want to kill him using the power of anger?


“I tell you, Joseph Green is...”


Samuel Green's words were not finished yet, and his phone rang suddenly. He had to stop and answer the phone first.


Nicole Bush didn't care much.


No matter what Samuel Green said, she wouldn't believe it. Nothing in this world is more important than the woman who has a baby with him.


Everyone saw that how Samuel Green cares about Riley George five years ago, and they are first lovers. If it was not because she was set up at the banquet, and had a relationship with Samuel Green and caught by the media. Maybe they were married for eight years, isn't it?


Thinking of this, Nicole Bush smiled bitterly and turned her face outside, but heard Samuel Green say, “Riley George is awake? What did the doctor say?”


The call should be from Jacob Brown.


Riley George didn't wake up after a night of rescue. But she woke up just after Samuel left. She can really pick the right time.


She always secretly competes with Nicole for Samuel.


She did mind this relationship five years ago, but now she didn't care at all.


Nicole Bush opened the door to jump out of the car, but Samuel Green grabbed her arm.


“Well, tell her to keep it still, I will go back and see her when I am available.”


Samuel Green hung up the phone after speaking.


“Where are you going?”