Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 57: I Just Want You to Be with Me



Samuel never thought that Nicole would be so emotional, scaring him to shake her and press her shoulder


He got panicked instantly.


Samuel called the doctor. The doctor examined Nicole and said that it's just her mood fluctuated too much. The shock caused by the excitement was okay now, but Samuel was still a little scared.


He used to be worse than this, but he didn't notice her mental capacity to be so poor. Now what the hell is going on?


“Doctor, are there any other problems with her body?”


Samuel was really worried.


The doctor shook his head and said, “Her physical fitness is not very good. I found that she may not have finished her confinement after giving birth, and her body has a lot of hidden disease and needs to be slowly nursed.”


Hearing the doctor's words, Samuel frowned slightly.


“Is it serious?”


“A lot of women's illnesses need to be slowly adjusted.”


“I see, try to take good care of her.”


Samuel walked out after speaking.


He wanted to smoke a little.


Since meeting with Nicole, the addiction seems to be growing.


Samuel put the cigarette in his hand and played with it.


When Nicole woke up, Samuel was gone, and she was relieved and thought of Lucas Bush.


“Kent, what about Lucas?”


She called Olivia directly.


Olivia said, “Lucas Bush was picked up by Samuel's assistant. It’s said that Joseph Green was looking for him, what happened?”


Nicole's heart sank all of a sudden.


It seems that Samuel is serious.


“Nothing, I am just asking.”


Nicole hung up.


She couldn't let Olivia get involved again.


“Samuel! Where are you, Samuel?”


Nicole was anxious to find Samuel, but there was no Samuel in the room.


She got out of bed in a hurry and jumped out of the ward.


As soon as Samuel and the company's executives finished talking on the phone, he saw Nicole running out hop by hop like a 

rabbit, looking very anxious.


He hurried over.


“Why are you running around with a hurt leg?”


After speaking, he didn't wait for Nicole to respond, and directly hugged Nicole and returned to the ward.