Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 56: You are inhuman!

Samuel couldn't guess it by himself, but this doubt was stuck in his chest and made him feel bad.


After he go out, Nicole felt a lot more relaxed. She didn't know who called him or what he said.


Suddenly a text message from Dr. Johnson came in.


“I have told Mr. Green, and the DNA matches perfectly. Mrs. Bush, you won't do anything to Mr. Green, right?”


Nicole's lips raised slightly.


Do something to Samuel?


She returned for Samuel this time.


But she did not reply to Dr. Johnson, deleted the message directly. Since then, she and Dr. Johnson have cleared up, and there is no need to contact.


By the way, Dr. Johnson's mobile phone number was also deleted.


After doing all this, Samuel returned.


She didn't know when he was standing at the door. And he looked at Nicole so quietly, as if he is studying her, and seemed to have other expressions.


Nicole looked up and faced his gaze. The complex emotion made her heart move slightly, and she quickly subconsciously put the phone down.


But then she realized, Samuel probably didn't know what she had done just now, why should she be hiding?


Nicole adjusted her mood and said with a smile, “What happened to Mr. Green? I have something on my face?”


Samuel looked at her fake smile and stepped in.


“Do you know that my company has been hacked recently?”


Facing Samuel's sudden problem, Nicole froze for a moment, then smiled and said, “Isn't Mr. Green very powerful? How can a hacker rarely get you into trouble?”


“Of course not, but the identity of this hacker is a bit special.”


Samuel looked straight into Nicole's eyes, a little pressing.


Nicole quickly turned her head and whispered, “What's so special? Could it be your lover?”


“It's not a lover, but a child, a four-year-old child!”


Samuel lay down on the bed after speaking.


Nicole smiled and said, “You are kidding me. The four-year-old child is a hacker? What a joke.”


“Let me show you something.”


Samuel also did not argue with her, and took out the video of the old house on the phone and handed it to Nicole.


Nicole was boring anyway, and she opened it when she took it.


The video is a picture of Lucas Bush making a game for Joseph Green. Those unfamiliar code, and skillfully gesture make Nicole stunned.


Is this her son?


Does her son know how to use a computer?


And so skillful?


Why doesn't she know anything as a mother?


After the shock, she wondered, why did Samuel show her this?