Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 55: Can you just leave me alone?

Nicole's men have been watching in secret, ready to get Lucas out at any time when Samuel plan to do something to Lucas Bush, but they just ate a meal, Lucas Bush jumped off the stool and walked towards the ward freely.


Eventually, someone called Nicole directly.


“Miss Bush, Mr. Green hasn't done anything to the master. They are walking to the ward.”


After Nicole hung up the phone, she was shocked.


What does Samuel mean now?


Knowing the identity of Lucas Bush, he didn't rush to confirm, and didn't do anything to Lucas Bush. What kind of thinking did he want to do?


When Olivia returned, Nicole was looking out the window thoughtfully.


“Nicole, what's wrong?”


“Samuel didn't do anything to Lucas. It is said that he is even kind. Kent, what do you think of Samuel?”


Nicole couldn't figure this out.


How could a man who let his wife burned down in flame indifferently and heartlessty even knowing that his wife was pregnant with a child have conscious? How could there be any emotion?


Olivia couldn't understand this.


While they are taking, Lucas Bush had run back.


“Mummy, I'm finished. Are you ready?”


Lucas Bush's blush was flushing, that healthy color made Nicole very touched.


“Mummy is not so hungry and doesn't want to eat yet.”


As he was talking, Samuel came in from the outside and put the food in his hand at Nicole's table.


“It's more digestible, and it's your favorite. You can eat it later.”


Samuel returned to his bed when he finished speaking.


Nicole felt that she couldn't see through the man, as if she had never seen through the man since returning to Seapolis.


The doctor was coming in for the checking rounds, and Olivia had to take Lucas Bush away.


Seeing the doctor checking Samuel, Nicole just gave a light glance, it seems that the allergy has not subsided, but she also pretended as she hadn't seen it, she kept on focusing on the phone and surfing the internet without saying a word.


“Mr. Green, you have to take the medicine on time. It's no big deal, just don't touch any things allergic in the future.”




Samuel answered it quietly.


The doctor checked Nicole again, and when he saw that everything was fine, he retreated.


Nicole tried hard to ignore the fact that there was another person in the room. She took out the paper, thinking about the idea in her head, and planned to start drawing, but her heart couldn't calm down, even if she didn't want to admit it, but the eyesight of that extra man always looked at her, Nicole really felt that she couldn't calm down.


She simply put the brush down, pulled the quilt and lay down against Samuel, even if she couldn't sleep, she didn't bother to have any connection with him.


Samuel had a lot to say to her, but he couldn't say anything.