Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 54: What about Making a Friend

“Aren't you afraid that Samuel...”


“He already knew it, but his attitude was unknown.”


Nicole also felt strange.


According to common sense, Samuel should be taking action if he had known the identity of Lucas Bush Nothing was done yesterday, so it looks like today will be the day.


“Kent, tell our people to follow Samuel and Lucas. In case he does anything to Lucas, we must keep Lucas safe at any cost.”


Nicole was somewhat worried.


Olivia frowned slightly.


“Come on, arent there is a saying that the fiercest tiger will not eat its kids, he shouldn't be so vicious.”


“Five years ago, he also knew that I was pregnant with a child. Haven't both of me and my child been buried in flames? Don't expect Samuel to be so good, and this man was inhuman at all. "


Nicole said coldly, a little coldness and resentment glanced under her eyes.


Olivia didn't understand everything Nicole goes through, but she still supports Nicole unconditionally. She called their people quickly, and the outsiders had quietly followed.


After making the call, Olivia asked with some reassurance: “You know he's inhuman, and you use Lucas as a bait, aren't you afraid...”


“I'm afraid, but I'm even more afraid that I won't be able to make it for Zoe. Lucas is not an ordinary child. He doesn't think good of Samuel himself. And his alertness is quite good.


Now Samuel knows he is his Son, if he be kind to Lucas, maybe I haven't had a chance, but if he wants to do something to Lucas, I will make him pay.”


The hatred shot from Nicole's eyes stunned Olivia.


“Nicole, are you going to end this battle as fast as you can?”




“Why? Didn't you plan to fall in love with you first? Lucas is dangerous if you use this strategy.”


Of cause, Nicole know that Lucas Bush will be dangerous to do so, but she was afraid she couldn't control herself.


“Just let our people protect Lucas well.”




“Kent, I want to take a break.”


Nicole knew what Olivia was going to say, but she was too tired and tangled, to make the decision. Risking her son's life. She also scolded herself, but compared to Samuel's cold heart, she thought her idea was too naive.


How can a strange woman equal to his wife who has not made him fall in love for five years?


Although this is a bit risky, but it is a chance, right?