Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 53: That Feels Good

Nicole fell asleep unconsciously while holding her mobile phone. This kind of torment has been endured day and night for five years, and she has become used to it.


When Samuel was freeze to awake in the middle of the night, he looked around, but there is nothing on him.


Although Nicole's legs and feet were inconvenient and she would not cover herself with a blanket or something, it was okay to ask the nurse to cover him.


He remembered she was reluctant to be frozen and hungry before, even if his face was mean, she would always treat him as usual. Is he now paying back to her?


Samuel sighed, but was a little uneasy about Nicole. He walked in lightly and saw that Nicole's pillow was still aside, and the quilt beside her was not covered, so he hurried forward.


Why does this woman care less and less about herself?


He cushioned her with a pillow under her head and saw her cell phone as she pulled over the quilt.


The phone was locked, but just then, Allen Brook's message came in and flashed.


“I want no one but you in this life.”


This sentence was short, but it spurred Samuel in the middle of the night.


His wife, his child's mother, though disappeared for five years, how could she be loved by other men?


Samuel's eyes narrowed slightly, he covered Nicole with a quilt, and then exited the ward.


The temperature outside the ward varied widely, and it was a bit cold.


Samuel stood at the corner of the corridor and pulled out a pack of cigarettes.


He hasn't smoked for a long time, but now he needs nicotine to settle down.


The night was permeating the entire land, although there were some lights flashing, but they were faint. And the smoke in his hand was flickering, no one could see his face clearly, let alone what he was thinking.


After smoking, Samuel took out the phone.


“Filly dude, do me a favor.”


Calling someone late at night, Samuel didn't feel the slightest sense of guilt, and even took it for granted. At this time, Fill 


Howard, who was sleeping soundly, was full of anger.


“Samuel, are you neurotic? Do you know what time it is? At two thirty in the morning, is there anything urgent that you can't wait to say tomorrow morning?”




Samuel wasn't bullied in any way, and the voice make Fill Howard so mad that he got a pain in his liver.


“Well, you are a bastard, and the identification is complete.”


He will hang up after speaking.


Samuel said unhurriedly, “If you hang up, I won't give you the trace of the woman you want.”


The sound of Fill Howard gritting his teeth came, but he then said helplessly, “What's the matter, you say.”


“I remember you are in the United States now, have you heard of the H.J. group?”


“What are you doing?”


“I want his company to have something trouble and unexpected recently. It will be sweet to keep their president busy and 

unavailable. I promise that in a week, what you want will appear on your desk.”


Samuel's words made Fill Howard pause.


“Allen Brook offended you?”


“Is the hate of taking away my wife count?”