Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 49: Brother is the best

Samuel didn't care much about Jacob's expression now. In his mind, Lucas now completely replaced everything, even including the leakage of company documents.


“Mr. Green, how do we deal with the leak of the company's secrets?”


Jacob finally came back to normal. At this time, he was still hesitated. According to the previous arrangement, he wanted to resolve this crisis by calling the police. Now this solution seemed impossible, but the whole incident is still unbelievable.


Samuel lowered his head, thinking for a while, and said, “Take all the leaked documents to apply for patents right now. I want to make it impossible for those who got our profiles to take advantage of it. It didn't matter how much it costs. but it’s time that matters. If you can't apply for patents, you should try to reduce our loss to a minimum. As for the other things that you can't do, we can just forget it. The Green Family care too much about this money, if it is Lucas who causes this leak, we can just consider this as his practice.”


Listening to Samuel's indifferent tone, Jacob was quite scared.


What if Lucas is really the son of Samuel, judging from the attitude of Mr. Green the Green Family may not survive for a few days?


Of course, Jacob didn't dare to ask these words. He hurriedly stepped back and started to deal with the missions Samuel order.


After Jacob's departure, Samuel was so anxious that he couldn't wait to know the relationship between Lucas and himself. He run to the bedroom again and looked at Nicole's previous pregnancy test sheet.


Nicole didn't know what Samuel is thinking at this time. She was sitting on the bed with Lucas and Olivia. And they are having lunch happily.


“Mum, I hear you can eat whatever part of animals to help your body recover. I deliberately ask Aunt Kent to buy a thigh bone. You should eat more.”


Lucas clamped the thigh bones into Nicole's bowl, and looked at her eagerly.


Nicole caressed his head and said with relief, “You are the best.”


“Yeah, I'm Mummy's mink coat.”


Lucas was particularly happy.


“Yes, you're Mummy's mink coat. Zoe is Mummy's little jacket.”This unintentional sentence made Lucas slightly sad.


“Mummy, I miss my sister, can I make a video call for my sister?”


Now it’s evening in France at this time. Nicole looked at his son and felt a little worried. In recent years, Lucas had been taking care of Zoe Bush. This time he accompanied her because he was worried about his mum coming to the Seapolis city alone. In fact, he was still worried about Zoe Bush.


“Yes, but not too long?”


“Get it.”


Lucas took the phone happily and sent a video directly to Zoe.


It didn't take long to connect the other side, and Zoe's beautiful face appeared in the video immediately.




Zoe's crunchy voice seemed like the jewelry clicking into the disk, crisp and sweet, and made the corners of Lucas's lips slightly raise.


“Have you taken medicine well today? Have you followed the doctor's instruction?”


“Of course, I have. I'm so cute. Brother, when will you came back? Is the Seapolis city fun? Have you been hanging out with Mommy? Please remember to send me more photos.”


Although Zoe was sick, she was very cheerful, and the most charming part was that her bright smile which made everyone hard to forgot.


Lucas said with a smile, “I just arrive in the Seapolis city and arrange the kindergarten. We hadn't had the time to go out yet. When I went to the zoo and botanical garden, I will show you your favorite animals and plants.”


“Okay! you are the best!”


Zoe said happily, but her eyes are sad and lonely.


“Brother, it would be nice if I could go in person. I hear that the Seapolis city is a very beautiful city. Unfortunately, I even have never visited France. Do you think I can be cured?”


Zoe's words made Lucas's brows frown slightly. He whispered, “Sure you can, Believe in your brother. When you get healed, I will take you to wherever you want to go.”


“That's the deal, let's hook!”


Zoe Bush reached out with her little finger and tried to hook Lucas across the screen.


Lucas also put his finger up, but his eyes are filled with tears and he keeps holding it back.


Nicole suddenly felt that all the food has lost the sense of taste.


“Zoe, mommy and brother will go back when we are done. If you miss us, just invite us for video call. And remember to follow godfather's instruction”


“I understand, Mommy. Mommy, are you in the hospital? Why do I see the drip bottle?”


Zoe's eyes were very sharp, and she frowned a little, she looked very worried.


Nicole smiled and said, “It's okay, Mommy's catching a cold, and it will be fine soon.”


“That mommy needs to take medicine and follow doctor's instructions. Although the injection is a little painful, it will make you feel better soon.”


Little Zoe said like a grown-up, but this teared the hearts of Nicole and Lucas again.


“Relax, Mommy has me by her side, nothing will happen. Your brother won't let anyone hurt Mommy.”


“Well, I believe in brother, you are the best!”


Zoe's admiration for Lucas made Lucas very satisfied.


“Zoe, it's getting late. You need to take a break early and we're going to eat too.”


“Okay, brother, see you mommy.”


After Zoe hanged up the video, Nicole couldn't help cries, covering his mouth with tears in his eyes.


Olivia patted him on the back, comfortingly said, “Everything will be fine, I believe God will not be so cruel, Zoe is so young and cute, everything will be fine.”


“It's all my fault. It's all my fault. It's me that failed to protect Zoe. If I could protect the kid, she wouldn't stay in the hospital since birth. I know how Zoe envies those healthy children better than anyone. She can't even get out of the door of hospital.”


“Well, Nicole, who you need to blame is that bastard man. It has nothing to do with you. You have tried your best. If you are really wrong, that is because you love a wrong man. Now that you are a mother, you must be strong for your children. Isn't it?”


Olivia's words made Nicole nod.



She had to be strong!