Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 47 This woman is a tough one

“Let me go! Let me go! Jacob, how dare you to do this to me? Do you even remember who I am? why do you kidnap me here? I am warning you, let me go or I will let Samuel fire you. Do you hear me?”


Riley's voice was so sharp that Nicole and Samuel heard it even before they have arrived in the ward.


Samuel was also planning to see how Nicole reacted to this.


Five years!


This explanation and apology were late for five years!


He wondered if Nicole could accept it, and forgive his decision?


If he had known that such a decision would separate them from each other, he preferred that nothing has happened.


But now Riley's shout broke it all.


Nicole also calmed herself down because of Riley's shout.


So close!


She was about to tell the story of the year just now, and she even wanted to ask Samuel how could he lied so easily and calmly.


Fortunately, Riley was here!


Nicole breathed out with relied, and was a little annoyed for she was still provoked by Samuel's words.


She shouldn't let him affect her emotions!


She lowered her head, converged her emotions quickly, and said with a sneer, “Mr. Green, are you really going to let her make up for me for this slap, instead of letting her fight against me? Look at this, she can even directly fire your assistant. This Riley's status in the Green Family is indeed important.”


Samuel's expression grew ugly.


Over the past five years, Riley's arrogance had been known by him, but because she gave birth to Joseph. And Joseph can't live without his mother. He didn't limit her so much. And now seeing her becoming more and more arrogant, Samuel's expression got mad a little.


While talking, Jacob took Riley into the ward.


“Mr. Green, I bring you Miss Gorge.”


Riley froze.


She looked at Samuel, who was sitting on the bed next to Nicole and taking care of her face. She had no idea what happened for some time.


“Samuel? Why are you here? And what's wrong with Catherine's face?”


Riley looked completely stunned.


Nicole sneered and said, “Miss Gorge, you can really act as an innocent person. Isn't you who left the palm print on my face?”


“What the hell are you talking about? When did I hit you? Catherine, don't blame all this shit on me!”


Riley knew she has stepped in the trap right away.