Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 46: You know a lot

“What are you doing? Are you threatening my mummy?”


Lucas took a step forward and pushed Samuel directly, but Samuel grabbed him with one hand. His eyes flashed a hint of cold. This made Lucas scared for a while.


He flinched.


Nicole knew that Samuel was pissed, and the consequences of his anger were not tolerable, especially when Lucas was still in his hands.


“Samuel, just talk to me about whatever you want to talk about. Let go of Lucas first, he's still a kid. Olivia, you take Lucas out to buy something for me to eat, and I talk to Mr. Green.”


Nicole opened his mouth, with a nervous expression.


Olivia looked at her uneasily and said, “Are you all right to stay alone?”


It looked like Samuel was a beast. Samuel looked even more upset.


“What I want to do to her? You cannot change it by staying here. Olivia, I think you are very clear about why I give you the privilege to be so rude in front of me. I am afraid that you can't take it when I really want to hurt you.”


“Mr. Green got some guts. How can you do to me?”


Olivia was most disgusted by Samuel's arrogant attitude. She wanted to say something, but Nicole grabbed her arm and shook her head at Kent.


“Take Lucas out, my lord, I don't want to worry my child.”


This sentence calmed Olivia. Meanwhile Lucas, who was frowning at Samuel, was thinking about something.


“Lucas, let's go out and buy something for your mum.”


Olivia stepped forward to take over Lucas.


Samuel's movements were somehow very gentle.


Lucas glared at him. Since he was frightened by Samuel's glance just now, he raised his foot and stepped on the back of Samuel foot.


This kid had a lot of strength.


Samuel felt only numbness in his feet, but he held back and didn't move.


Nicole and Olivia felt rather nervous for Lucas.


“Come on, I'ma bit hungry.”


Nicole had to ask Olivia to take him out quickly.


Olivia quickly took Lucas out of the ward.


With their departure, Nicole's heart was relieved, and Samuel saw the whole process clearly.


“What are you hiding from me?”


Samuel pulled a chair aside and sat down. The more he looked at Nicole's face, the more he felt uncomfortable.


He suddenly stood up, and walked outside.