Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 41: My name is not “Hey”

“I haven't heard Joseph talking about Lucas, who is it?”


Riley asked carefully.


Samuel frowned slightly and whispered, “Forget it, we may just wait until Joseph told his friend when he recovers. Please take good care of him. if this happen to Catherine designer, Eternal Group is pushed under the spotlight. I have to go to the hospital and check it out.”


Having say that, Samuel got up and left, but he was grabbed by Riley.


“Samuel, there are so many people in the company that can take care of her. Besides, the designer Catherine is a woman. It's inconvenient for you to take care of her as a man, is it? would you please let me take care of her instead? After all, I'm a woman. I wouldn't be so embarrassed with her.”


Riley's eyes flashed.


Samuel said lightly, “No, although you are a woman, but you and Catherine have conflicts before, and the whole Seapolis city knows that if you go to the hospital and take good care of her, everything gonna be just fine. But if you fail, Our Eternal Group will be in a huge crisis. You can stay at home and take good care of Joseph.”




“Okay, that's it. Joseph is the heir to the Green Family, so taking care of him is the most important thing you should do.”


Samuel interrupted Riley's words, then he got up and left.


Riley looked at his back, but she felt somehow uneasy.


How to do it?


Samuel came out of Green's house and went to the company. He found that the security department was repairing the network security after the invasion, and that made him headache for a while.


What went wrong?