Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 40: It was not simple

The paramedic dared not disobey Samuel. She went in at once.


Samuel saw Nicole sleeping soundly. He grabbed her hair and went home quickly.


When Samuel came back, Riley met him and cried.


“Samuel, I didn’t mean to. I just want to punish Joseph. I didn't expect him to be so stubborn. I’m sorry. I did it wrong.”


Samuel was a little upset to see her crying.


“Well, I know you care about him. How’s Joseph? Has the doctor examined him?”


“The doctor is examining him.”


Riley's eyes were red with tears. She seemed to be really worried about Joseph.


Samuel went straight to Joseph's room.


Riley followed in.


Joseph's face flushed and he said he was cold. Samuel was heartbroken.


“Don't hit him later.”


“I won't do that in the future. He made the company suffer but he didn't say anything, so I was angry. I did it for Green Family.”


Riley had never seen her son so stubborn. She was worried that Samuel would blame her and her son for the heavy loss, so she wanted to teach Joseph a lesson. She didn't expect him to be ill.


Samuel touched Joseph's hot forehead and asked in a low voice, “Dr. Johnson, how is Joseph?”


“Joseph has a cold and an inflammation, so he has a fever. But I just checked Joseph. His tonsil is inflamed. It’s common for children of this age to have such problems. Don't worry. I'll give him an injection. He has to rest later.”


Dr. Johnson finished speaking to Samuel and began to give Joseph an injection.


Riley's crying really bothered Samuel.


“Go back to your room first. I'll let the servant take care of him. You can't do anything. I don't blame Joseph. Don't punish him until you find out the truth.”


Riley heard Samuel's discontent and was more scared.


“Samuel, I didn’t mean to. Please let me stay. I am his mother. I want to take care of him.”


“Well, you have to take good care of him. Dr. Johnson, come to my study. I want to ask about Joseph's condition.”


Samuel turned and left.


Riley wanted Samuel to stay. But he was cold, so she didn't dare to say it.


Dr. Johnson followed Samuel into the study.


“President Green, Joseph is fine. He just needs to rest. Children often get sick.” Dr. Johnson said.