Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 37: I only flirt with my wife

Nicole's body stiffened in an instant.


She recalled the sweetness of their marriage. She once thought this man was her life, but he was her nightmare!


Nicole gripped the sheet with her fingers. Samuel's face slowly approached her and her heart almost stopped beating.


When their lips were a centimeter apart, Samuel stopped.


The hair on his face was clearly visible.


He had lived well in these five years, but she had changed. Their daughter was suffering from illness.


Thinking about it, Nicole raised her hand and slapped Samuel. The crisp sound rang throughout the room.


Samuel didn't ignore the hate in her eyes. Her sad eyes were like a sharp sword thrust into his chest.


Samuel's face hurt, but he didn't care. He touched his numb cheek with the tip of his tongue and whispered, “if you don't feel enough, you can slap me again.”


Nicole was stunned.




He didn't look like Samuel she knew!


Samuel was a proud man. He wouldn't allow anyone to hurt him. He almost cut off someone's legs when he hit him on purpose many years ago. She was afraid Samuel would kill her just now. What did he mean now?


His eyes were gentle. It seemed that she was the one he loved. Samuel used to look at Riley that way. Now it was ironic.


Nicole turned around and avoided Samuel's breath. Her heart was pounding and she was panicking.


“Samuel, what are you doing? I won't forgive you. I will not forget the insult and injury you and your girlfriend have done to me and the accident. By the way, do you really think this is an accident?”


Nicole didn't dare to look into Samuel's eyes.


This man was too good at disguise. She didn't seem to be his match.


Samuel saw Nicole flinch. He grabbed Nicole's hand.


Nicole tried to get it back, but she was weak.


“Samuel, what are you doing?”


“I want to ask you what you want me to do. As long as you tell me, I can give you my life.”


Samuel was sincere. He had been staring at Nicole.


Nicole's heart suddenly hurt.


“President Green, you're kidding. We just met, but you do this to me. Aren't you afraid of Miss George's jealousy? Or is this the trick you often use when flirting?”


She was almost cheated by him!


This man only loved himself. How could he say something so affectionate? Although she was suspicious, how could Samuel give up his life?


it was the past, but


he had been arrogant and indifferent. She was pregnant, but he was cruel and had her burned. Now he was affectionate


Nicole's eyes were sad.


put Nicole's hand on his face. It


but Samuel was strong. She couldn't do it for a while, but she was reluctant. She could only stare at


past. She used to chase him. He didn't care, but his heart


then did he find out


or what she wanted to do, he agreed as long as she


flirt with


was low and


Nicole’s defenses almost collapsed.


his voice wes too


Nicole was heartbroken.




he remember his


kidding. I'm


her hand back when Samuel


her hands in the


as if


all night. Now she was back and really standing in front


sorrows. He could even touch her. He felt his heart


to admit it, it was up to her. One day she would


suddenly smiled and


Was this man crazy?


had always been aloof. Why did


hurt now and can't do anything to you. If you do something to me, I


stay here and take


and cleaned up the


was a sound of water in the bathroom. Samuel was doing the


Nicole was shocked.


really Samuel


could he do

Nicole was confused.


He was really cunning!


he realized something and changed


out. He handed Nicole the warm towel and said softly, “wipe your face, or




took the towel at once to avoid physical


her himself. She


the company? Our cooperation is of great concern. Now I have an accident. The reporters are excited, aren't they? Don't you need


wanted Samuel


a lot of pressure. He stood here and


that she still couldn't


with her. But now he was suddenly gentle


shook her head


What are you thinking?


Why are you back?


want to make up


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