Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 36: Did we know each other before

“I'm sorry. I'm worrying you.”


Nicole took Lucas’s hand and felt guilty.


Samuel heard Nicole and Lucas talking. He was in a complex mood. He wanted to confirm, but in such a situation he did not ask.


Lucas trembled in Nicole's arms. He was like a four-year-old. Doctors and nurses dared not disturb them and looked at Samuel helplessly.


Samuel coughed and said, “your mommy just woke up. Let the doctor examine her, will you?”


Lucas frowned, but he backed away. Samuel unconsciously took his hand. He wanted to break free, but he was not strong enough. He looked up and stared at Samuel, but Samuel ignored it and kept staring at the doctor and Nicole.


Nicole also heard what Samuel had just said. Her eyes were shining.


it seemed that her relationship with Lucas had been exposed.


She didn't want to hide Lucas's identity, but it was too sudden for Nicole. In her plan, she didn’t want Lucas to show up. After all, it was about adults. She didn't want to involve her son. But Lucas insisted on following her back.


Now Samuel knew she had a son. He would doubted her more. Whether he would investigate Lucas’ identity had become one of Nicole's current concerns.


What if he knew Lucas’ identity and wanted to rob Lucas’ custody?


Nicole was a little upset.


She knew Samuel might not compete with her for custody, but she looked at Lucas and was in a mixed mood.


The doctor gave Nicole a general examination. She was in a stable condition. The doctor left.


Olivia came back. She was angry when she saw Samuel.


“Why are you here? President Green, you are so free.”


Samuel automatically ignored Olivia's scorn.


He pushed Lucas to Olivia and said coldly, “it's better for children not to stay in hospital for a long time. There are a lot of bacteria here. Besides, he should go to school. Aren't you a teacher? Take him to kindergarten. I will stay here.”


Lucas and Olivia glared at Samuel at the same time, but he didn’t seem to see it. He went to Nicole's bed and took out the breakfast he had brought.


“I brought the soup. You can drink it.”


He poured the soup into the bowl.


Nicole didn't know what Samuel meant now. She didn't want Lucas to know too much, so she looked back and smiled at Olivia and said, “please take care of Lucas for me. President Green is right. Lucas has to go to school. The environment here is really bad. Don’t worry. I’m all right. President Green and I are partners. He won't leave me alone. Besides, if I guess right,

President Brook will come here as soon as possible.”


“When will Godfather come here?”


Lucas’ eyes twinkled when he heard that Allen was coming. His expectation made Samuel jealous.


Why did Lucas like Allen so much?