Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 32 The company's secrets were leaked


Everyone in Eternal Group was a little flustered because of Catherine's accident. Some journalists wanted to get some useful information from

the employees. The scene was somewhat chaotic.


Lucas looked at the room he came in. It was black and white, but it was magnificent. The wood of his desk seemed to be invaluable.


He jumped into the office chair and turned on the computer, only to find out that this was Samuel's office.


As expected, God helped him.


Samuel's office was different from other people's, and his computer had a power on password. Lucas frowned and looked. His flexible hands were beating on the keyboard, and a series of special symbols appeared on the screen. The power on password was quickly cracked. But for the code, Lucas frowned again.


How was that possible?


He shut down the computer and turned it on again and logged in with a password. He succeeded. Lucas's face was bad but he didn't stop. He opened Samuel's secret file and found out the core secrets of Eternal Group.


Lucas didn't understand what files were useful, but one was marked with a red pen by Samuel. It may be a special one.


Thinking about it, Lucas took the file out. A series of data appeared. He couldn't understand it, but he still intercepted the data and published it on the commercial Internet.


The entire business community in Seapolis was shocked.


After Lucas did all this, he jumped out of the office chair and wiped his tracks off and left Samuel's office.

This was a small lesson he taught Samuel. If Mommy had any problems in the future, he would continue to let Samuel repent. He must protect Mommy from any harm.

Lucas’s eyes were steady. He went downstairs from the ordinary stairs and returned to the kindergarten while there were many people.

While Samuel was waiting anxiously at the door of the operating room of the hospital, Jacob ran quickly.

“President Green, something's wrong. The project data that our company is going to bid for next week has been completely published on the commercial Internet.”


Samuel's face suddenly changed.

His company had been bidding for the project for a year. He used all kinds of relationships to get through all kinds of links before winning the qualification of bidding. Everyone stayed up a few nights to figure out the bidding data. Why was it suddenly exposed?

“Did you find out what happened?”

Samuel looked unhappy, but he looked at the light in the operating room and didn't move.

He should go back to the company immediately, but now Nicole was in the operating room. She was likely to be the wife he lost five years ago.

He couldn't leave.

Jacob took a look at the direction of the operating room. Although he was surprised at Samuel’s care and nervousness about Nicole, he said in a low voice, “the technology department found out that the leaked data was sent from your office, and so was the IP address. But the secretary said no one came into your office.”

“Is that a ghost? Is there a ghost in my office? Tell the technology department that if they can't find out who this person is, I'll fire them!”

Samuel was in a pretty bad mood.

The car was designed by him and maintained regularly. How could Nicole have an accident while driving?

“By the way, have you checked the car?”