Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 31 Don't be so cruel

Samuel was still amazed at Nicole's driving skills, but suddenly he found Nicole's car had changed direction. He squinted at once.

Nicole’s car went towards the fence at the speed of an arrow, and Samuel's face suddenly changed.


He chased the car like crazy.

Before Jacob and others could figure out the situation, they heard a loud noise. Nicole's car hit the guardrail directly.

The guardrail couldn't bear such a big impulse, and it broke instantly and gave out dazzling sparks.

But Nicole's car didn't stop. It glided more than 200 meters forward and hit the stone pillar. The car flipped over.

Everyone was stunned.

It was so sudden that they couldn't react.

Samuel was so panicked. As he ran, he shouted, “Jacob, call 911. Get the fire extinguisher! Hurry up!”

Jacob shivered and recovered from the shock and immediately directed the rescue.

Nicole was stuck. Her head hit the windshield and she was bleeding.

Blood went down her forehead and blurred her eyes.

She seemed to see Samuel running frantically to her and calling her name. He grabbed the door with his hand and tried to pull her out.

Nicole smiled.

She was hallucinating.

How could it be Samuel who came to save her?

If he really cared about her, there wouldn't have been that fire five years ago, would there?

She slowly lost consciousness.

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Don't be so cruel!


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had just run a few hundred meters, the car exploded.

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eyes were serious. He lowered his head. Olivia couldn't see the emotion in his eyes. She thought he was afraid and worried. She immediately squatted down and




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