Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 30 Are you good at driving?

Nicole smelled Samuel's special breath and was uncomfortable. She wanted to break free of Samuel's arm, but Samuel said, “I've seen your design. It’s very similar to the concept of a car I want. I also designed one myself. Do you want to try it?”

Samuel's words silenced Nicole.

She liked drawing when she was a child, but she began to learn about car design because Samuel liked it. She even naively thought that she would give Samuel her first sports car as a birthday present.

But she didn't expect that she and Samuel would be separated when the design was half finished.

That car was really based on Samuel's design philosophy. She improved it and changed a lot of security designs. The beauty and performance of that car were a perfect combination.

Ironically, when the car came out, Riley was having a baby. But at that time she was suffering from burns and couldn't sleep at night and couldn't affect the baby in her stomach.

Now Samuel put the car he designed in front of Nicole. Nicole thought it was particularly ironic, but she wanted to try it.

Samuel was the first mentor in her car design. Now the car he designed was right in front of her. She wanted to try it and find the gap between them.

“May I have a try?”

“Of course.”

Samuel agreed with Nicole’s request.