Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 25 Which Is Your Room

"What is your mommy's name?”

Samuel subconsciously asked. After he asked, he realized that it was not appropriate. But he could not take back it.

Lucas faintly froze, but smiled and said, “Uncle Samuel, is not polite of you to ask my mommy s name so rashly. Please hurry to send me there. i'm going to be late."

lt was the first time in his life that he heard a four-year-old chỉild say he was impolite. But Samuel did not feel embarrassed. He found that he was mơre thick-skinned now.

"Get in the car.”

Samuel sent Lucas to the orphanage. After seeing that the dean and Lucas seemed to be familiar with each other, he felt relieved and left.

He asked someone to send .Joseph back home and drove to Nicole's place.

For some reason, he especially wanted to see Nicole now, even though her face was different from the one in his memory.

Olivia had intended to stay at home with Nicole. But something happened in the kindergarten. She was called back by the dean.

When the doorbell rang, Nicole was sleepy but still got up. When she saw from the cat eye that it was Samuel, she instantly woke up.

This man came quite quickly.

Nicole cleaned herself up a bit before opening the door.

"Mr. Green? Why are you here?”

"Aren't you sick? l came to see you."

Samuel said naturally and couldn't help but look at Nicole.

Her face was a bit flushed and she was indeed not in a good state.

Samuel hurriedly reached out and touched Nicole s forehead, which scared Nicole into backing up.

"Don't move."

His voice became cold.