Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 23 Why Does He Suddenly Remember That Brat

After half an hour, .Jacob brought the news Samuel wanted.

"Mr. Green, Catherine had a car accident five years ago. lt is said to be very serious. Her family took her abroad for treatment and they came back more than a year later."

"Five years ago?”

Samuel was sensitive enough to notice the time.

Jacob nodded and was also a little puzzled. The time was too coincidental.

"What time five years ago?”

"The 18th of March."

When Jacob finished saying, Samuel's expression changed instantly.

"The 18th of March? Are you sure?"


Jacob was surprised by Samuel's reaction. He seldom saw Samuel so unsettled.

Samuel suddenly laughed, which made Jacob's hair stand on end. Samuel looked very pleased.

"Mr. Green, are you okay?"

and have never been better! You continue to investigate. Check that which country Catherine went for treatment five years ago

words, .Jacob was slightly astonished.

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got up

but hurriedly get up

admit it, he still wanted to go and see her for her familiar eyes, for his suspicions and thoughts. The

the day Nicole

coincidence after so many coincidences happened together. Nicole's unfamiliar face might be the

became the current Catherine

more Samuel thought about it, the more he thought it

quickly went downstairs and saw that


directly pushed away the dining table, and

hands are dirty. Dont toụch your daddys

saw .Joseph's oily hands and hurriedly stopped him. But it was still too late. .Joseph had already jumped into

little child in his arms, Samuel softened

.Joseph's head and said with a smile, "I have to go out for something. It's a weekend. Why did you

classmate to visit daddys company.

lap and looked up, his big eyes blinking, even with a hint

face, Samuel suddenly remembered

brat with the exact same pair of eyes

that he suppressed that ridiculous news with the Green family's status and power as soon as possible, he did

he suddenly remember that

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