Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 23 Why Does He Suddenly Remember That Brat

After half an hour, .Jacob brought the news Samuel wanted.

"Mr. Green, Catherine had a car accident five years ago. lt is said to be very serious. Her family took her abroad for treatment and they came back more than a year later."

"Five years ago?”

Samuel was sensitive enough to notice the time.

Jacob nodded and was also a little puzzled. The time was too coincidental.

"What time five years ago?”

"The 18th of March."

When Jacob finished saying, Samuel's expression changed instantly.

"The 18th of March? Are you sure?"


Jacob was surprised by Samuel's reaction. He seldom saw Samuel so unsettled.

Samuel suddenly laughed, which made Jacob's hair stand on end. Samuel looked very pleased.

"Mr. Green, are you okay?"