Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 22 His Wife Is Back


After Nicole returned to the room, she directly sent a message to Samuel.


"Mr. Green, sorry. In the Seapolis City, I may be a bit not acclimatized. I have sent an application to the headquarters to transfer me back to the head office. There will be a new designer to work with you. What is more, Miss Riley's public apology also shows that I'm a bít tough. In that case, let's break up peacefully. Catherine"


Nicole turned off her cell phone after sending it, and then leaned on the bed and fell asleep in a daze.


When Samuel received the message, he was slightly surprised.


This was his personal phone number. Even Riley did not know it. He had canceled this phone number since Nicole was buried in the fire five years ago. Then, for no reason, he went to get this number again. It could be said that in addition to his assistant .Jacob, only Nicole knew this number.


Now this Catherine actually sent a text message to him on this number. He absolutely would not believe that .Jacob would tell such a private thing to a strange woman like Catherine. So, it turned out that Catherine was Nicole!


This made Samuel a bit excited.


Combined with all the signs, Samuel became more and more unsettled.


He called .Jacob directly.


you to check Catherine's information.


planned to have a good rest. Unexpectedly, Samuel called him, which banished all


been living in the United States. There are all the records of her elementary school, middle


words, Samuel frowned


has she taken a break from school for a period of time, or has she


asked this, .Jacob was a


Green, I haven't checked this


I want


he hung up without caring about what Jacob's reaction


many similarities with Nicole? Could this really be a coincidence? And how could someone who had been living in the United States be related to Olivia, who had never left the country and was his


questions were constantly hanging in


drawer. There were the divorce agreement


three years of marriage, he seemed to have only bought her this wedding ring,


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