Don't Try to Escape, My Wife!

Chapter 1808 Could You Help Me, Lucas

Seeing that Lucas was a little confused, Joseph quite had a sense of accomplishment, and he was even more excited than that of completely researching a topic.

“Well, you can take your time to think. I’ll treat your wound.”

Joseph opened the medical kit and began to treat Lucas’s wound.

Lucas did not cry out in pain but his body was tense, which portrayed how much it hurt.

Yasmeen ran all the way back to her own ward, closed the door and bawled after covering herself in the quilt.

She was with the extreme grievance and her entire person was feeling bad. But, she could do nothing when facing Lucas. After all, it was indeed her who started to chase him.

But when she thought about Reece who had said that he wanted to cut all ties and be even with her and so that they did not owe each other anything, she felt as if her chest was torn open. The pain was excruciating.

Twenty years.

It was an obsession but also deep love.

She would die without Lucas.

Yasmeen did not know how long she had cried. She fell asleep amid crying. She slept especially soundly as if she was completely exhausted. She did not want to think about anything and was just feeling bad because of the exhaustion.

Whilst she was sleeping, Lucas came. When he saw Yasmeen’s reddened eyes upon crying, he personally went to apply an ice compress to her eyes and stayed with her for a while. If Jaydon had not come to him for something important, he probably would not have left so soon.

Ashley did not comment anything after she learnt about what happened between Lucas and Yasmeen but when she was looking at Lucas, her eyes seemingly looked as if she was pondering about something.

Patrick felt somewhat sorry for Lucas.

He came to Lucas’s room and saw that Lucas was handling something. He initially intended to leave but Lucas noticed him.


“Nothing, I’m just bored so I want to talk with you.”

Patrick walked in carelessly and casually. Seeing Lucas meticulously handling the business matters, he could not help but admire him slightly.

“Don’t you have a headache watching so many numbers?”

“If you had younger siblings, you would know that there is no way to escape and refrain from some matters because once you escape, your younger siblings will be miserable.”